Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Will Last Longer Than Just a Day

DH headed to Germany for a work trip yesterday. He will be gone for two weeks. I've been terrible about updating the blog lately, but I'm hoping that this will be good motivation for even short posts each day about the kiddos to help me remember everything to tell him. Since he's seven hours ahead of us, there's not much opportunity to Skype with the kiddos. We got to talk to him this morning since it was his first day there and so he wasn't working. He got to fly business class which made me super jealous (as if I wasn't already about him getting to go to Deutschland) since when I went to China for work we flew coach. He texted pics of his fully reclining seat as well as his gourmet menu and free cocktail. Lucky duck.

Yesterday we skipped church so we could take him to the airport. The kids hadn't really been to the airport to see how things work before so we watched as the luggage carousel turned and spit out bags of different sizes and colors. We saw a plane taxi down the runway, and as we drove away from the terminal, there were a couple in the sky.

Since we were on the north side of town, we met up with a friend of mine for lunch at a McDonalds that had an awesome Play Place to keep the kids entertained. Then we came back home for nap time. Poor Cinco was so wiped out since we'd messed with his schedule so much this weekend. (Friday, DH surprised me with a double dinner date to our favorite Italian restaurant off the Plaza, and Cinco was still awake when we got home at 10pm. Sigh. Saturday, we took the kiddos to the Royals game. Even though we left after the 5th inning, it was already past their bedtime, and none of them fell asleep on the drive home.) Anyway, luckily his nap was a good one. Then we went to the grocery store to load up for the week, and I got the girls Chinese for dinner.

Last night I was working on Cinco's 1st birthday party invitations and watching "A League of Their Own" when it started storming. Around 11pm, I was getting ready to head to bed when thunder woke S up. So we went to my room and snuggled. Unfortunately, that meant I didn't get the best sleep. But the other two slept well, so that's a win.

Today, we played outside for a bit. S swept the driveway while Baby R collected acorns to make acorn pie. Cinco was trying to crawl on the sidewalk, so I put a large blanket down on it and part of the grass, but he didn't want to stay on there. So I moved it further under the oak tree where there was more shade. Didn't help. He crawled over to the driveway and scraped up his knee. Got the baby pool out and put some toys in it,. That helped for a bit while I trimmed the tree branches, but it wasn't long before I noticed he had something in his mouth. Thankfully it was an acorn and not one of the dozens of crickets that were jumping all over. Managed to get it out without incident.

Cinco is napping so the girls are playing with Barbies, and I'm quickly typing this up. My parents are coming over for dinner, and then hopefully I'll be able to get most of the laundry done so the short week goes smoothly.
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