Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's Been One Week...

Well, here’s a run down of the last week to fill you in. I haven’t actually typed it out chronologically, yet, so this should be interesting. 

Tuesday: My dad had a mild heart attack because 1) he stopped taking all his meds in January and it finally caught up to him, and 2) he’s been crazy stressed out the last couple of months about moving my mom to an Alzheimer’s facility, selling their house, moving to an apartment and getting the house cleaned out before the closing date. I left work to go with him to the hospital. (This was the day I had planned to have a meeting with my supervisor to discuss some major issues that have come up with his dependability, communication and team belonging-ness. I was major stressed about it, but clearly that was no longer a priority for me.) Dad was so jacked up they had to run 4 IVs in him so they had to put him in ICU because they can’t monitor that many in telemetry.

Wednesday: Dad had an echocardiogram in the morning, then I went to the office in the afternoon because things were crazy. (And no, I’m not a workaholic, Dad has had heart issues since his first attack when I was 14, so I’m kind of an old pro at this.) Went back to the hospital after work and Dad got moved from ICU to telemetry.

Thursday: The due date for S's dinosaur diorama project she’d been working on for 2 weeks. She dropped it on her way into school. 

Friday: I had taken the day off to help clean out Dad’s house. But since he was in the hospital, I spent a couple of hours cleaning in the morning, then had lunch at the hospital with him, then went to his apartment for the maintenance people to install handles on his shower, then went back to the house where I found that the guy who had bought the house had moved all the boxes I’d sorted in the basement out of his way and put them into one mixed up pile. Then I had to go to the bank because some checks I’d signed over to my husband had been rejected as third-party checks and I had to be there for him to deposit them. Then I went back to the house and as I pulled into the driveway, the sitter called to tell me that Cinco had a fever. My older half-sister and I talked to the buyer about the house situation. She stayed to clean, and I left to get Cinco. My younger sister came to town and our older sister was still at the house so I met them there where we worked til almost midnight.  

Saturday: We were supposed to take DH to the airport at 9:30am for his noon flight to Germany for 10 days for work, but Cinco still had a fever, and neither Tylenol nor Motrin brought it down overnight, so we decided he needed to go to urgent care. So my younger sister took the girls to my parents’ house to clean, DH's BFF took him to the airport, and I took Cinco to CM Urgent Care. Only they didn’t open until noon, so I drove all the way back to the one out west by our house. By the time we got there, Cinco had had a blowout. He hasn’t done that in months, so I hadn’t brought any spare pants with me, just diapers and wipes and snacks and toys. And it started raining. Jogged him through the rain to the urgent care straight into the bathroom. Changed him and then washed my hands and there was only 1/2” of paper towel left. Pantless kid, frazzled mom with wet hands, we went to the counter and were followed by a put-together mom with a toddler Cinco’s age in a matching outfit with styled hair. 
Cinco had strep throat. 
That night my little sis and I split a bottle of wine and went through some old photos. 

Sunday: Sis had to leave right away to get back to St. Louis (but ended up stuck on 1-70 for 2 HOURS with her husband and 2 year old son because of a haz-mat spill) because she had to fly to NYC Monday afternoon (but her flight was cancelled so she ended up not leaving until 6am Tuesday.) After she left, the kids and I started prepping for the week, laying out clothes, meal planning, etc. We took a break to play outside. Their allergies have been awful, so I’ve been giving them Claritin in the morning plus Benedryl at bedtime and eyedrops throughout the day. S had a runny nose and a little cough that started that day. She skinned her knee and started crying, and I saw huge gobs of goo in the corners of her eyes. Decided to wait until morning to see if they were crusty to decide if it was pink eye or not. 

Monday: Both girls had crusty eyes. Took Cinco to daycare, took the girls to the ped. Doctor noticed Baby R's throat looked red, and she had swollen lymph nodes. She didn’t have a sore throat or a fever, but since Cinco has strep, they did a culture. The quick one came back negative. Left to fill the eye drop prescription. There was a semi unloading stock at CVS and blocking the entire drive thru which I thought was insane and didn't feel remotely guilty about my girls' pink eye germs being spread throughout the interior of the store because, seriously, who puts the loading dock to their store IN THE DRIVE THRU LANE. Finally got it filled and went home. And then S accidentally hurt an old ankle injury of mine, and I was laid up. That night S’s cough was terrible and hurt her chest and her nose was so stuffy she couldn’t breathe. I was up with her for about 2 hours, so super tired in the morning. 

Tuesday: Planned to take the girls to daycare at 10:30 after their 2 hour contagious period wore off so decided to wash Baby R’s blankies. The washing machine leaked all over. Then the ped called and said the overnight culture for Baby R’s strep test came back positive. Then S got a fever and started wheezing. Took Cinco to daycare on the way to the ped’s office again. Thought S probably also had strep. Quick result was negative. Dr thought it looked more like the flu. Type A flu test came back positive. 

Tally after 1 week:
1 heart attack, 1 damaged diorama, 1 absent husband, 2 pink eyes, 2 strep throats, 1 flu and 1 broken washing machine.
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