Monday, June 25, 2012

Off the Grid

My friend, Natalie, at Mommy of a Monster and Twins posted about her recent absence from cyberspace a couple of weeks ago. I have been intending to write something about how with working full-time again (at a job where I'm actually working instead of playing), I've been finding it tough to keep up with my social media. Work is certainly a big part of it. But if that was all, it would be bothering me. And while I do feel obligated to my small following, I'm not letting myself feel guilty. That's new. I think my response to Nicole's post sums things up nicely:

I feel as if I've come full circle. I started blogging as a diary of our lives just for family. Then I got into the public side, the social media - I wanted to gain followers, build my brand, do product reviews, maybe make some money, too, And now I'm back to just wanting to do it for myself. I don't care if anyone reads it. (Ok, maybe I do a little.) Google updated Blogger about a month ago, and now my comment plugin is jacked up so no one can comment. But I haven't fixed it. At first, I didn't want to mess with it because I knew it would be a pain. But now, i just really don't care. I haven't been on Twitter/Pinterest much either. I have so little free time now that I'm working again, that I spend as much of it with the kids as I can, a little bit on chores, and the rest relaxing. Usually that means sitting on the patio with the neighbors and a glass of wine. Sometimes it's watching tv. And only occasionally do I spend it reading my fave blogs. Or even less often, writing a post. I was worried about it for awhile, but I feel like you do. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's the kids' ages. I've decided not to worry about it though. Just going to let whatever happens, happen. Love ya!

That's not to say that I don't appreciate you all. I've made so many online friends and the outpouring of support when I needed you most last winter was amazing. I'll never forget that or take it for granted. But I may not post as often. And I may not tweet or comment much for awhile. I still have lots to say, though, and I'll continue to write whenever I can. But I won't feel badly about it if I don't post every week for now. Thanks for your patience!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baby Bullets: 10th Edition

  • DH told Baby R he would start taking her to ball games next summer when she's 3, just the two of them. He took S to the T-Bones game tonight, and before they left, S told Baby R that she couldn't go, but when Daddy took her next summer, she would get to play on the playground after the 3rd inning, get a treat after the 5th inning, etc. So cute! She loves going to watch baseball with Daddy.
  • When I take a walk with Baby R, I feel like Wil Wheaton in that scene from "Stand By Me" when he's walking behind Jerry O'Connell on the train tracks. It's hard because I want to be able to stop and smell the roses with her like I did with S, but S is always running half a block ahead of us.
  • In case you haven't seen it, there's a Citi Thank You card commercial that's been on for awhile.  There's a woman who talks about rewarding herself by getting new nylons, new shoes, and it sounds very girly in a dainty way, but the images are very powerful. She's talking about new equipment to go rock climbing. I love it!
  • S finished her milk at dinner and told me it made her strong. She had me feel her muscles and said, "I can do anything!" Go girl!
  • Listening to S playing with cars and singing "Breaking Free" (from High School Musical). Love it. Even better when I walked in to ask her a question and startled her so badly she dropped everything. Is it cruel that I laughed?
  • Baby R bit my hand. She wasn't trying to be mean, just tired and not really thinking. Didn't break the skin, but man did it hurt! The muscle was bruised for a few days.
  • S stuck her tongue out at me. I knew the day would come, but I was not prepared for the inherent rage I felt. Thankfully, I was able to calmly tell her not to ever do that again or she would be in serious trouble.
  • Baby R and I were reading a book together and she stopped me and said, "No, Mama, we can't read this one; it's inappropriate."
  • Baby R told me a boy at daycare was her favorite guy. I asked her what about Daddy? She said he is her favorite, too.
  • We drove past a Jared jewelry store today, and Baby R pointed at the sign and said, "I love to play that game!"

I was confused for a minute until she clarified by saying the game was on the iPad:

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