Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baby Bullets: 10th Edition

  • DH told Baby R he would start taking her to ball games next summer when she's 3, just the two of them. He took S to the T-Bones game tonight, and before they left, S told Baby R that she couldn't go, but when Daddy took her next summer, she would get to play on the playground after the 3rd inning, get a treat after the 5th inning, etc. So cute! She loves going to watch baseball with Daddy.
  • When I take a walk with Baby R, I feel like Wil Wheaton in that scene from "Stand By Me" when he's walking behind Jerry O'Connell on the train tracks. It's hard because I want to be able to stop and smell the roses with her like I did with S, but S is always running half a block ahead of us.
  • In case you haven't seen it, there's a Citi Thank You card commercial that's been on for awhile.  There's a woman who talks about rewarding herself by getting new nylons, new shoes, and it sounds very girly in a dainty way, but the images are very powerful. She's talking about new equipment to go rock climbing. I love it!
  • S finished her milk at dinner and told me it made her strong. She had me feel her muscles and said, "I can do anything!" Go girl!
  • Listening to S playing with cars and singing "Breaking Free" (from High School Musical). Love it. Even better when I walked in to ask her a question and startled her so badly she dropped everything. Is it cruel that I laughed?
  • Baby R bit my hand. She wasn't trying to be mean, just tired and not really thinking. Didn't break the skin, but man did it hurt! The muscle was bruised for a few days.
  • S stuck her tongue out at me. I knew the day would come, but I was not prepared for the inherent rage I felt. Thankfully, I was able to calmly tell her not to ever do that again or she would be in serious trouble.
  • Baby R and I were reading a book together and she stopped me and said, "No, Mama, we can't read this one; it's inappropriate."
  • Baby R told me a boy at daycare was her favorite guy. I asked her what about Daddy? She said he is her favorite, too.
  • We drove past a Jared jewelry store today, and Baby R pointed at the sign and said, "I love to play that game!"

I was confused for a minute until she clarified by saying the game was on the iPad:

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