Wednesday, May 20, 2009

House hunting

We found out the inspection is tomorrow - please pray that it goes well and the required repairs aren't overly expensive and the buyer is willing to split the cost with us.

We looked at two more houses yesterday. We really liked one of them. There are a bunch more we are going to try to look at before we make a decision, of course, but it was encouraging that DH and I were in agreement on it. :)

S used to dislike having anything on her head but has recently started wearing our hats - but only backwards. All of her tastes are changing a bit. Her first favorite color was blue, then black. Now it's definitely becoming pink. She LOVED tags when she was little. My sister even got her a ball that had a couple dozen of them sewn on it for her to play with and chew on. Now she hates them. She makes me cut them out of all of her clothes. I'm hoping she'll outgrow the phase before she outgrows the size so I'll know that all the ones missing tags are in the 18mo-2T range.

Yesterday my dad called at work, and asked me if I could come help him. I was a little worried at first but when I asked why, he said because S had put Grandma in time-out and he didn't know if he could handle her by himself. Apparently he had put her in time-out earlier that morning, and then after lunch she had gone and sat over there herself and when my mom walked by she said, "Grandma, time-out! Sit down!" She is going to be a bossy big sister.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy weekend

My old roommate was in town for a few days visiting from Mexico where he is in the Peace Corps. There was a BBQ Thursday night, but DH had softball and with S not having slept well this week, we didn't make it by. So Friday night, DH let me escape to meet my roommate and a few others out at Raoul's. I was wearing an oxford, cute jeans and dress shoes, so clearly not in attire to pick up guys, but nice enough to be on the low end of the expected dress code for this kind of preppy bar. I got there around 9pm and found out another friend's big news - he's engaged! Quite a shock, but exciting. He's moving to DC in June as that's where she lives. It was fun being out with my two old roomies and I met another girl who I really hit it off with and had fun chatting.

After awhile, they decided to go downtown to the Czar Bar. Most of us had never been there. It's quite the opposite of Raoul's. I think 90% of the people in there had tattoos, and a couple were wearing leather jackets. It wasn't a biker bar, but it was very dark, and there was a DJ playing techno, and a girl sitting on a "swing" that was made from fabric that hung from the ceiling, and she did Cirque de Soleil type moves in fishnets and a leather leotard. A little more hard-core crowd than Johnson County. And now I was clearly too conservatively dressed. Not that that has ever bothered me, I just thought it was funny that we couldn't have picked two more opposite bars to go to in a night.

Anyway, the girl I'd befriended rode with me downtown, and I locked my purse in the car so I wouldn't have to carry it around with me, and she asked me how I could not need it. I told her, I have my ID in my pocket, I don't need money since I can't drink, and I don't need to touch up my makeup (which, along with my ponytail, is low maintenance) because I'm married and pregnant and not looking to get hit on. Ironically, about five minutes after we entered the bar, she and I went to order drinks, and this very young guy asked me my name, and introduced me to his friends. It was his birthday, and he was clearly drunk. He started asking me what kind of music I liked, etc. I was nice to him, then said goodbye, and she and I made our way back to our group. She said, "See - that's the whole point of going out when you're married, so you can get hit on." It was pretty funny. So I didn't get home until midnight which for me, might as well be like staying up all night at this stage in my life. As it turned out, I pretty much did since DD woke up at 4am and didn't go back to sleep until 5:30am. And I ended up having to stay with her to get her to even do that. Which means I didn't really sleep since she's a tosser and turner.

Saturday DH helped a friend put together his daughter's swingset for her bday party next weekend, so S and I met his wife and kids at the mall to play for awhile. S and I needed to be home at noon because Nebraska Furniture Mart was to deliver new slats for her bed between then and 2, and of course they were there a few minutes before us. Back story on the bed - S I'd mentioned, when it was first delivered, we noticed that there was about a big gap between the edge of the mattress and the edge of the rails on either side. That meant that all the weight was being supported by three slats. That didn't seem very smart, so we asked the delivery guys about it. They said that sometimes that's just how they are. We decided we'd just get a couple more slats and it should be fine. Well, one of the original slats had a crack in it, so we called them to replace it, figuring we'd get extras after that so it was in its original condition when they came to fix it. So the replacements were to be delivered Saturday. Knowing this, we had started having S sleep in her bed about a week before figuring it would be fine for a few days. When the delivery guys brought the new slats to her room, they discovered that the box was labeled for a full size bed which is what we need, but it actually held ones that are for a twin. So they rescheduled the delivery for Monday.

After they left, DH got home, and we all took a nap, and then DH and I went to the Royals game. It was our first trip to the K since the renovations. It's really nice! They opened it up so it's a 360 degree concourse now. Behind where the fountains were there's a kids area and a hall of fame and a party deck. There are still fountains, but just not as many. We left at the bottom of the 8th (it was chilly and we weren't prepared) when they were down by one, which ended up being the final score. We had high hopes as they were tied for first in the league, but the last week it looks like they are back to their old selves. We'll see, though.

This morning, S woke up at 6:15am. Argh... I gave her some yogurt and thought I could get her to go back to sleep, but she was wanting DH and me to stay with her. So we all laid down in her bed and around 7am when she still wasn't asleep, I decided to give up and get up. When I stepped out of the bed, the cracked slat gave way, and it collapsed in that corner and landed on my ankle. I was in pain and panicking that she was going to get hurt and worried about DH, and it was just chaos. My Achilles tendon is bruised and swollen and there's a scrape down the backside of my ankle. So I iced it and bandaged it, and was able to hobble around to two houses this afternoon that the realtor was able to set up appointments for. One would be a great one to flip, but since that's not DH's thing, I'll have to let someone else have it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fall go boom

Poor S - last night she fell out of her bed onto her hardwood floor! DH and I were getting ready for bed and heard this horrid thump. We ran in and found her on the floor crying. She was more scared than hurt, but I slept in her room to make sure she was ok. Which basically means she slept, and I didn't. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day, and it's had some ups and downs. S threw a temper tantrum immediately after getting up, but then DH gave me a fantastic present. Then we went to DH's mom's house for a wonderful brunch (where S was an angel), but then DH and I got into an argument because we missed the deadline to send in our rebate on our brand new iMac. We stopped by my parents' house and S was still in a good mood, and then when we got home she took a nice long nap. Which meant Mommy and Daddy got to take one, too! But then she threw another tantrum when she woke up.

S slept in her big girl bed for the first time last night! It went very well; she only got up once, and was only an hour late falling asleep. Crossing my fingers it will continue to go well. That was a fantastic Mother's Day present.

She's cracks me up - I painted my toenails today (pink), and she said, "Owie. Mama toes, owie." I told her it didn't hurt and they were ok, but she didn't understand. So sweet of her to worry about me.

On the baby front, still so far so good. The other day DH asked S if she wanted the baby to be a boy or a girl, and she said girl. He said it would be nice for her to have a sister - he always wanted a brother. (So sweet of him since he really wants a boy!) Then he asked her what we should call the baby, and she said Stinky - that's what he calls her all the time. Oh, brother...

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