Wednesday, May 20, 2009

House hunting

We found out the inspection is tomorrow - please pray that it goes well and the required repairs aren't overly expensive and the buyer is willing to split the cost with us.

We looked at two more houses yesterday. We really liked one of them. There are a bunch more we are going to try to look at before we make a decision, of course, but it was encouraging that DH and I were in agreement on it. :)

S used to dislike having anything on her head but has recently started wearing our hats - but only backwards. All of her tastes are changing a bit. Her first favorite color was blue, then black. Now it's definitely becoming pink. She LOVED tags when she was little. My sister even got her a ball that had a couple dozen of them sewn on it for her to play with and chew on. Now she hates them. She makes me cut them out of all of her clothes. I'm hoping she'll outgrow the phase before she outgrows the size so I'll know that all the ones missing tags are in the 18mo-2T range.

Yesterday my dad called at work, and asked me if I could come help him. I was a little worried at first but when I asked why, he said because S had put Grandma in time-out and he didn't know if he could handle her by himself. Apparently he had put her in time-out earlier that morning, and then after lunch she had gone and sat over there herself and when my mom walked by she said, "Grandma, time-out! Sit down!" She is going to be a bossy big sister.

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