Friday, May 14, 2010


I have the Hello Kitty song in my head and it's driving me crazy....

S has been wetting the bed about half the time. I'm struggling with deciding if I should put her back in Pull-ups or not. I don't want her to feel she's being punished, and she's so disappointed in herself when she wakes up wet. But I'm also having a tough time keeping up on the laundry. Mom, the further along I get into motherhood, the more I realize you were a SAINT. Don't know how you could handle my bedwetting for so many years without getting completely annoyed at washing sheets every day.

For Mother's Day, we had DH's family over for dinner. S was misbehaving at dinner so I sent her to her room and she had to miss presents and cake, so she was throwing one of her legendary temper tantrums and she hit her head on the door jamb and had a huge goose egg. So I was trying to get her to let me put ice on it and worried she had a concussion. Sigh.

Work has been crazy. I worked 60 hours last week. Physically cannot go one more day with only 4 hours of sleep! My supervisor's mother-in-law passed away, so I was handling his project and while he was gone, a disaster happened every day. The first was an error on my part, but the second day we found out they were moving up the ship date by 3 weeks and could we possibly finish processing the 2000 SKUs we're working on in the new time frame? Mind you, the program was 3 weeks late starting because the buyer didn't finalize anything, and then after we'd done 300 SKUs, she changed the size of the packaging. Ridiculous. I won't go into any more detail, but the whole project has been that way. Can't wait for it to be wrapped up!

The girls are getting so big. R will be 6 months old tomorrow which I can't believe. S is hilarious. I hosted Bunko last night so she's been talking about it for about a week. Last Thursday I went to the ballet so my friend's daughter babysat. She said Sam was talking about going to Bunko all night. Then she took her shirt off and the sitter asked her why and she said, "It's naked Bunko!" Oh my... I have no idea where that came from.

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