Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Last weekend Baby R waved. She does this adorable thing where she looks like she's revving a motorcycle throttle. S keeps talking about when her sitter, Judy, took her to Old McDonald's. :) We checked on our garden and some of the green beans have started to grow. Hope to be able to pick some in a couple of weeks. So excited to make some baby food from them for R. I got the downstairs cleaned. Had hoped to get upstairs done, but it didn't happen. Maybe next weekend. We went to the Royals game that night - DH's vendor gave him 4 tickets, so he invited a friend and so did I. It was hot, but we had fun. I got about 4 hours of sleep Saturday night - again. Luckily, I was able to take a two hour nap Sunday - woo hoo! I wanted to go to church, but I was so tired, I just couldn't get going. I think the heat being outside at the game really drained me more than the lack of sleep.

Didn't do a lot Sunday. DH dug out a stump and then took S to the Legends to get some stuff at the Nike store with some gift cards he'd gotten from him Coke points while Baby R and I napped. When he got home, his back was really starting to bother him. By dinner time, he literally collapsed on the kitchen floor. So Sunday night was lots of fun. I gave the girls baths and put them to bed, then helped DH get to bed with a heating pad. So by the time I finished cleaning up the kitchen, doing dishes and a load of laundry and getting ready for bed and reading a bit, it was after 11pm. Then around midnight S woke up because she needed to go potty - yea! Then Baby R woke up around 1am (teething), finally got her back to sleep. Then S woke up around 4am because she wet the bed. :( Kinda thought we'd have a dry night since she'd already gotten up. So by the time I got her cleaned up and the sheets changed, it was 5am, but she wanted to sleep with us, and I didn't have the energy to argue. I literally laid down and Baby R cried. (She usually gets up at 5am to eat.) Sigh. Got her back to sleep at 6am. DH had agreed that he needed to go to the dr. about his back and that I should drive him, so I had left a message with work that I'd be in late. We didn't hear back from the dr's office until 10am and by then DH was able to walk around ok on his own so he decided he could drive himself. Ironically Dad had hurt his back a couple of weeks ago and finally went in to the dr's yesterday too. He's like a new man today. Thank goodness - I was really getting worried about him.

DH and I are still having a tight time with money - mostly it's because I haven't been planning meals and buying groceries much since I've been working so much overtime. I know we could probably save $100/week just by me doing that. But he thinks the engine's going out on his car, and he wants to get S a swing set for her bday (not just any set mind you, a $1200 one. RIDICULOUS), and we are going to CO in August, so he's worried about our finances so he wants to get a part time job. I told him if he really wants to and can find something where it's only 2 nights a week and a 4-6 hour shift on the weekend, fine, but only for 6 months or so til we're past all this. The problem is we're never going to be past everything. There's always something. We just need to live on a budget which we haven't had to do. Sigh....

S was so funny last night. I was putting Baby R down after bathtime, and I could hear S running up and down the hallway. When I came out, she had R's baby towel on her head so it was flying behind her as she ran. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was a superhero. So cute! Must have talked about that at the sitter's today with the older kid who was there. I got her into bed and while we were snuggling she made a fist and pulled up her pointer and pinky fingers and whispered, "Rock on". Apparently DH has been trying to teach her how to do that. So cute!!!

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