Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Baby R

Sweet, precious baby girl. When you joined our family one year ago, we were so thankful. You've been such a joy to us. I know it seems like sometimes we don't notice you (like when you made it halfway up the stairs the other day before I saw you and held my breath so I wouldn't startle you and make you tumble back down them). And I know sometimes you have to fight for attention. (You've convinced me that Aunt J was right; the youngest totally gets the shaft.) But we do notice you and love you and still find all your growth and advances to be as miraculous as if we'd never seen them before.  And we haven't. Not with you. You are your own special, unique person. We are enjoying watching your personality develop. And even though big sister sometimes smothers you, try not to be too upset; she just loves you so much.

Some things you've been doing recently include:
"Talking" on the phone. You hold it up to the back of your neck, so it's nowhere near your ear or mouth. Adorable.

Learning about Mickey Mouse. I sing the old Mickey Mouse Club theme song when I change your diaper because Huggies uses Mickey for their designs. Sissy will sometimes sing the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song, so you aren't being raised in the dark ages. Also, since your Uncle M & and Aunt R got you a framed Disney stock certificate, you like to point at all the characters on it, so you are becoming familiar with all of them.

You FINALLY cut your top two front teeth. You have been the toothless wonder! Until this week, you only had your bottom two front teeth. Apparently you only want to grow them in pairs.

You are getting so good at walking with assistance. Your favorite way to do that is to push the step stool Sissy uses in the kitchen. You tend to veer to one side, but as long as I can put you back on a straight path, you're all set.

Papa Duncanson is amazed at how well you entertain yourself. You'll work your way around the toys in the room, perfectly content to play on your own for half an hour or so at a time.

You love to play in the bath water. You have a fit when I take you out of the tub.

Though you're much more patient than I would be, you've started asserting your displeasure when Sissy smothers you a bit. But you love playing with her - especially when she pushes you on your swing. (She even tries to give you an "underdog" like I do to her which is so stinkin' cute.) You've seen too many of her tantrums which you've decided to replicate. Sigh. But in general, you are a pretty happy, laid back baby!

A couple of days ago, Daddy was winking at you, so you looked at him and concentrated really hard, and then gently blinked your eyes. Melted our hearts!

You babble a fair amount, but most of it sounds the same - Dada, dah (for dog), da (for that). You sometimes say Mama, but you don't actually call me that. The other day we were driving and Sissy said, "There's Costco!", and I swear you said cah-co.

My secret weapon when you are fussy is to pull out my iTouch and let you play Peekaboo Barn.

But our favorite thing you do right now is give hugs. You wrap your little arms around me and kick your little legs happily, and then you pat my back with a hearty batch of whacks. Love you, little snugglebug!!! Happy 1st Birthday!


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Hey! I'm a second child and I'm convinced that mom likes me best! It isn't all bad, Baby R! Happy Birthday!

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

Thanks! Yes, I always thought my little sister got spoiled when we were growing up. She always said I got everything. I think no matter what you do as a parent, there's a certain amount of jealousy. Thankfully, both my sister and I realize as adults that our parents did everything they could for both of us and neither of us feel slighted.

gopopgo said...

What a beautiful post!

Although D2 is only 2.5yo, it seems her 1st birthday was ages ago. I miss her at that age and Baby R brought back a lot of memories.

Enjoy the day!

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

Thanks, Pop! I know - they change SO much those first few years. I was looking back at posts about S when she was a little over 1 and thinking, wow, it seems like that was a lifetime ago, not just a couple of years.

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