Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Guest Post About Guest Posting… And Cake

I'm excited to say that Jen from Dear Mommy Brain is visiting today! And after you read this, you will wonder why she questions her brilliance when you read this and this. She's a working mom, in the trenches like many of us, and not afraid to share it. So please go peruse her site when you finish reading here. 

A Guest Post About Guest Posting…  And Cake

When Jennifer invited me to her home to guest post, my first reaction was, “YAY!  A new blog friend!”

Then as time wore on, I started to get more and more nervous. 

And just like in real life, I started to worry that what I had to offer wouldn’t be good enough. 

What if I wasn’t funny enough?

What if I looked like a shlub?

What if my cake tasted like sawdust?

I worried because this writing gig is tough. 

I read lots of blogs and I’m amazed at how easy they make it look.  Bloggers that are making appearances all over the interwebz, cranking out quality material as fast as McDonald’s cheeseburgers...  While I’m sitting here staring at a computer screen for two hours trying to string together 250 words.

In school, I was always pretty decent at writing reports, but when it came to creative writing; my mind went blank.  My Type A personality just isn’t capable of making stuff up.

So, when I started my blog nearly a year ago, I thought I would post about practical tips for working moms.  It would be like writing a research paper.  Piece of cake.

But the reality is, as I got more involved in the blogging community; the more I realized that wasn’t where my heart was.  Sure, I still love to post recipes and the occasional household tip, but what I’m really passionate about is sharing the struggles (and joys) of life as a busy working mom.

And it still isn’t easy.  But I guess sharing your heart never is.
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