Thursday, December 22, 2011

Baby Bullets: 5th Edition

  • S told Auntie E that she wanted to play with her but she wasn't available then, and they would need to reschedule.
  • S was "reading" her Action Bible to Baby R.
  • The girls are making gifts for their aunts and uncles for Christmas, and when S asked why there were 8 of them, I told her who each one was for. And then she said, "And we need one for Judy." Judy was her daycare provider from two years ago who we keep in touch with. "And one for Miss Joy." Our most recent provider who we had to leave in September when my job situation got messy. Such a sweetheart!
  • S was talking about the pictures hanging up in her room and she said, "I certainly want to keep that one."
  • Baby R - how old are you? I four! No sissy is four. You're two. Oh! How old are you? I four!
  • We went to Lowe's for the Build and Grow clinic and were insane enough to take two friends of the girls with us. Yes that's 2 adults, 2 four-year-olds and 2 two-year olds. It actually went really well. Mostly because S did her entire project by herself! She read the picture directions, put all the pieces together correctly, hammered all the nails in. I kept telling her I'd help her, but she wanted to do it herself. And she did. I was really impressed.
  • I got Harry & David cocoas at my Bunko gift exchange, and S wanted to have some.  I told her maybe for a special occasion. A few days later she mentioned she could have some of the cocoa on our next trip to St. Louis to visit Aunt J and Uncle K. Perplexed, I said it might be easier to make it at home. She said, "But you said I could have it on a special vacation!"
  • Lately when Baby R has been "talking" on her phone, she's been calling Aunt D. But it's not just that she calls her, it's that she "has to" call her. It's very important.
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