Saturday, August 4, 2012

S's 5th Birthday Party - Dora the Explorer

I'm behind, but a week ago we had S's 5th birthday party. The invitations were ok, but not as cute as I've done in the past. This whole working a full-time job that entails actually working full-time puts a major cramp in my party planning time. :)

The party itself was pretty dang cute, though, if I do say so myself. The invitation told everyone to meet at our house but gave them the heads up that we would be going on an adventurous walk to help Dora and Boots find the birthday party. That way they could move their vehicles to the final destination and make sure the kiddos had on comfy shoes. 

As the guests arrived, S passed out the favors: a purple drawstring backpack filled with a bottle of water, toilet paper roll binoculars, a few trinkets and Map! 

Here we are going across the street...

And between the fences...

And around the gardens!

And look who we found!

Piñatas have been featured at the last three birthday parties we've been to, so S wanted to have one. I found this adorable one at Oriental Trading Company. (That's also where I got most of the party favors.) It was as cute in person as it looks online! And very reasonably priced. Even though the cavity was only the body and backpack, it held a surprising amount of goodies - almost the entire gross-quantity bag of piñata filler that included yo-yos, whistles and other large pieces. 

Unfortunately, Dora was decapitated early on, then lost both her feet, but no prizes were released since everything was in the middle. At this point, S became distraught at Dora's demise which surprised me since she'd seen other piñatas broken open. Luckily, this piece has the ribbons you can pull to open it in case you can't break it, so we were able to finish without too much drama. 

Then it was time for cupcakes. I heart Magnolia Bakery for sharing their recipe online via the Food Network. (But since I just went to the store's home link and see they now ship nationwide, I might go that route next time!) I got the cute ring toppers at a sweet shop around the corner from us. 

After that, we opened presents then played on the park playground for a bit before saying our goodbyes.

All in all, I think it was a success. Now to start thinking about what to do for Baby R in a couple of months....
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