Friday, November 2, 2012

Busy Thankful, Times

The last two weeks have been crazy busy. I recovered from my illnesses and went out the following weekend - two nights in a row. Uh, who do I think I am? Twenty-fiver-year-old me? Had a blast that Saturday at a friend's 40th bday bash at a bar/restaurant where a local high school was celebrating their 25th reunion as well. A couple of the grads play in a retro band, so they performed - mostly New Wave. It rocked.

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch, too. We went a little crazy with the pumpkins this year, but had a lot of fun.

Which led, perhaps, to my next physical ailment a few days later; a neck-to-toe rash. Thankfully it wasn't itchy, so I let it be for a week before going to the doctor. I had tried switching to Ivory soap, throwing out my shower pouf, not using lotion, and washing the sheets again, but nothing helped. It didn't get better or worse. Doctor's verdict: it wasn't bacterial, viral or fungal. probably just something in the air I had an allergic reaction to. The odd thing was the lack of itch, but I wasn't complaining. Got a script for steroids, and started them yesterday. Should start seeing results by tomorrow.

When I was a kid, Halloween was one day. It consisted of a costume parade around school followed by a small class party, and then trick-or-treating that night. This year, the holiday lasted about 7 times as long. It started a week ago last Wednesday with Trunk-or-Treat at the school. Then Friday we had a party at my office. Sunday my old roommate and his wife hosted our first kid party. We used to throw a  huge, elaborate party every year at our duplex in our single days. When we moved out, we passed the baton to another friend in the group. This was the first time in over 10 years that no one had an adult party. It was so great to do the kid one!

And, of course, this past Wednesday was Halloween Day. I was a room mother in S's class. I was nervous; I didn't want to embarrass her and be a dorky mom. Luckily, she's still young and still thinks I'm cool. We did the costume parade, then for the party, the kids were split into three groups - one played Pin the Nose on the Jack-o-Lantern, one played Hot (Potato) Pumpkin, and the third, which I led, put together a ghost with black crayons, a paper plate and crepe paper. Then they had a treat - pumpkin-shaped donuts from Krispy Kreme and juice boxes that the mom had wrapped in masking tape to look like mummies - so cute!

That night, we went trick-or-treating with S's BFF, P, and our other neighbor, A. S was dressed as Belle and R was a pumpkin. They had fun, but I think even they were ready for Halloween stuff to be done!

Before Trunk-or-Treat, we had S's first parent-teacher conference. It went really well. She's an excellent student. I had some questions I was supposed to ask her before our meeting: What's your favorite subject? Library. What are you struggling with. Nothing. What's easiest? Art. Who are your friends? Matthew, Jay, Kailah and Catalina. One of the things she told me as we talked was, "I love myself in kindergarten." What an amazing statement! So thankful.

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