Thursday, March 6, 2014


I posted on FB that if my life had a soundtrack, lately it would be playing Tenth Avenue North's "Worn" on repeat.

DH was out of town for work most of last week, so I was playing single mama to the three munchkins. I can't say enough how amazing single moms are. I really don't know how they do it. Cinco had a cold and was up multiple times every night - like every half hour to hour at times - worse than when he was a newborn.

DH came home, and Cinco was mostly over it, but he let me sleep in til 9am on Saturday to recover - I felt like Superwoman! Got lots done. Then Sunday, Cinco started coughing. By the night he was congested and this cold was worse than the last. Thankfully, DH took turns getting up with me. He's finally doing significantly better - I got to sleep for an entire 3 hour chunk last night without interruption, and he only woke up a few times the rest of the night.

Work has been hectic since the first of the year. We finally had a couple of days where we could come up for air last week and this week.

The house is a wreck. Before I left for Bible study last night, I threw in a random load of laundry because I realized if I didn't, today Sam wouldn't have any underwear, Riley wouldn't have any pants, and I wouldn't have a shirt to wear.

Winter feels never-ending. Today was warm, but the flurries last night on the way home almost put me over the edge. I'm sick of being cold and sick of the grey and sick of the grime. The van is filthy because there hasn't been a weekend that's been warm and dry and that I've had the time/energy to get it emptied out so I can get it cleaned.

Mom was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer's on January 29th. Relieved for the official diagnosis on the one hand, heartbroken because of its finality on the other. I need to write a separate post about that whole situation. As well as one about my baby boy - who is almost 6 months old!

It's only a season. I know things will be better soon.
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