Monday, June 23, 2014

Life Just Keeps Getting Busier

I know people say time flies when you're having fun, and the older you get, the faster it seems to go. Having kids certainly has sped things up. It's really more that I'm looking down, nose the grindstone, focused on what HAS to be done in the moment - get the kids up, dressed and fed in the morning, then dropped off at daycare, so I can rush to work and then hurry home to get dinner made before they have to get in bed so I can do laundry, dishes, maybe some work, and rarely, some blogging. Then set on repeat. When I have a minute to look up, I see that weeks or months have gone by. Here are some of the things that have happened since I last looked up.

First Kid-Free Trip
DH and I went to NYC in May. He had never been, and we haven't ever been away from the kids together since S was born almost 7 years ago. I missed them, but it was really good for our relationship to have that adult-only time together .

Cinco Update
The only bummer of our trip was that we missed our little guy's first crawl on 5/12, the day we returned home. He had also popped his 3rd tooth. He is now sitting up more confidently, and able to get from lying down to sitting up, pulling up on things sometimes, and loving "real" food. The last few days he's been saying "Maaaa." He will repeat it several times. I totally count that as his first word; Mama. And he got to go to his first T-Bones game. The baseball tradition continues.

(Baby) R
She had her first preschool Spring Show and was front and center! What a star! She loved performing her sign language alphabet song, the Monster Boogie and acting out the Three Little Pigs. Poor kid poked herself in the eye at one point and I had to take her offstage to get a wet towel to put on it for a minute to help it feel better. But she rallied and got right back out there. So proud.

On Memorial Day, we hung out with a family from church, and that night Baby R had a fever of 102. I should have known something was up - she actually napped that day, which never happens anymore. She ended up having a fever for 5 days. Luckily, that was all it was.

She's certainly not a baby anymore, I know. But twice in the last day or so, she's said something and I've thought it was S. Her tiny voice is becoming a big girl voice. Love it, but wistful, too.

Sweet S
She is growing up much too fast. The sassiness has hit an all-time high, and, sadly, my patience has hit an all-time low. But we're working through it. And still having fun! She's so brave; when she gets a loose tooth, she pulls it out. I mean, the sucker probably has a couple days of twisting left, but she just wrenches it out! She has so much energy; I see so much of me in her. She's really excited about her birthday party. Shockingly, it's not Frozen, but Star Wars. Love that kid!

Summer fun.
Taught S and Baby R how to play Battleship. They are really starting to enjoy board games which thrills me because I love them, but DH isn't a fan.

We went to a movie in the park one night and saw "Mary Poppins" - one of the girls' favorites. Loved watching them dance and sing along.

Singing in the rain has been a more frequent occurrence. Praying this means the drought may finally be ending....

We stopped by the library and read to Ginger, a sweet retriever. My friend owns her; she's a pet therapy dog. The girls really enjoyed it.

Picnics in the yard

As for me, I finally got to compete in Corporate Challenge this year. My first year at my company, I was hired after the sign up deadline. Then last year I was pregnant. Had a good experience. I placed 4th in ping pong (seriously? haven't played since high school), and was on the 5th place women's bowling team. Woo hoo! I also played horseshoes, but just got participation points. Had fun, though!

And I got to do another design project for church for a series called Origins:

On a not-so-fun note, things with my parents have been derailed again. I submitted the medicaid application online on April 23, and then found out when we got back from NYC that it was never received. Spent 3.5 hours in the DCFS office with Dad trying to resolve it and basically found out that we needed copies of a dozen papers and a letter from an attorney about the farm. So frustrating. I feel like we take 1 baby step forward and fifteen leaps back.

DH has been working hard on our garden. So thankful we have it again this year! Have enjoyed lots of lettuce so far. Can't wait for everything else to be ready to be harvested.

So many other things - just can't remember them all. That whole time thing again.

When I was younger, I longed for the future. I thought it would be easier. Being married, having kids, owning a house. That's everyone's dream right? And I love my life. But now, though I look forward to the future, I'm thankful for the past, and enjoy the present.
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