Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fun Stuff!

The last few posts have been so down in the dumps, and I've hardly mentioned the munchkins this year, so I decided to make this a fun post! It hasn't been all doom-and-gloom. I have so much to be thankful for. We've had some good times. Many of them I noted on Facebook, and I discovered a fun app call Little Hoots that embellishes those cute kid moments, too.

Here's an example of one:

Ahhh, kids. Here are a few other gems from the last few months:

S: You can't sing my song. It's trademarked.

Around Valentine's Day after they got their boxes of chocolates and conversation hearts, R had a few things to say.
(After eating a Russell Stover's chocolate) I had one of those Ruby Stone things in that box Dad gave us.
(After eating a purple conversation heart) It tastes like grape cake. Just like I always wanted! (pause) With a hint of orange and a hint of blueberry.

We may watch too much Food Network...

Also, we may watch too much Star Wars.
S: (holding up a chicken strip) It looks like a Republic ship!

Me: R! Put down the light saber, and eat your dinner!

R: (dropped the Windex when she was helping clean the windows) Oh man, I didn't use The Force!

• • • • •

R: Can I work for you?
S: Sure! I pay $10 a week.

R: You know Cookie Monster. Perhaps you're not familiar with him?

Me: Hurry up in the bathroom and come eat your dinner!
R: Mom, can't I get some peace?!?!

R: (Cleaning windows) Man, this is dirty. Those darn kids.

R: Why is sissy wearing a damn banna?

One day, the girls were pretending to be animals and having me guess what they are - hopping by on all fours, frog; slithering by on tummies, snake. S crawled past so I guessed cow, bear, dog and cat. Finally gave up.
S: I'm a cheetah!
Me: But cheetahs are fast.
S: I had to go slow so you could see me.

R: Mama, when will you get gray hairs?
Me: I already have some. 
R: You do?!?!?!
S: Yeah, I can totally see them from here.

R: Mom, remember that time I peed poop out of my butt? 
(Unfortunately, yes.)

Baby R kept saying "Oooh la la!" She finally asked me what it meant and I told her it meant, check that out, or it's so fancy. She disappeared into the toy room for a minute and then reappeared in a tiara and boa and announced her entrance with "Oooh la la!"

Me: R, it looks like you've got a bit of a sunburn. Let's put some aloe on it."
R: No! I hate aloe!
Me: How do you know? You've never had it on.
R: Yes, I have! A thousand times! More like 3.
On top of that, we enjoyed a couple of trips to St. Louis for my nephew's birthday party and Easter. We made mini chocolate pies for the epic pi day: 3/14/15. My parents' piano is now at our house which has been fun.

DH and I FINALLY got a bedroom set! He may only get me an anniversary present every 10 years, but at least it was a good one. The girls had their first real dance recital. R started baseball, and what a joy she's been to watch! She's got hustle! She chases down every ball, slides into home and gives it her all every game.  And S got to do M.A.D. Camp for the first time this year. It's Music, Arts and Drama at church. She loved it and wished it lasted longer than a week.

I got to have some nice adult mom time, too. My high school girlfriends took me to get a pedicure and dinner and a movie for a belated birthday celebration. I went to Girls Night Out at the Royals with the SPC gals. And I got to go to my first Sporting KC game.

And of course we went on walks, caught roly polies and fireflies, measured inch worms, played in the mud, flew kites, went to the park, played in the sprinkler and enjoyed each other's company when we weren't driving each other crazy. Not to mention all the adorable stuff Cinco has been up to. But that will have to wait for another post on another day....

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