Thursday, January 21, 2016

Little Man

These are notes from the last six months that I never got around to posting. Sigh. Added a few new ones at the end as well.

Cinco is adorable in his uniqueness. S loved to hold my ears when she was nursing/snuggling before bed. Cinco likes to hold my hair, and unlike most babies, he doesn't yank on it. Usually. :)

If he's lying on the floor drinking a bottle and near a wall, he'll crawl his feet up the wall so his bum is up in the air. Silly boy.

He started putting his head down on the floor when he crawls like a bulldozer, though usually with his head turned so his ear is what is rubbing on the carpet. Our dog used to do that when he had an itchy ear. But buddy, you have hands, not paws. What are you doing?

He took his first steps when he was 11 months old.

He's not doing much signing, but he does say "mama," "dada," "baba," and "mi" for milk.

He waved bye-bye for the first time while DH was in Germany.

He had his 1-year checkup today and he's

Skip ahead to August

He's singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

He stomps his foot and says "No!" when he's angry.

He holds his legs so you can't take his pants off when he doesn't want his diaper changed - smart kid.

When I carry him downstairs, I say "boom" as we go down each step - "boom, boom, boom, boom."
So when he wants to go downstairs, he says "BoomBoom."

He started calling his blankie "KiKi" so the other day when he wanted to take his blanket downstairs, he said, "KiKi BoomBoom." I briefly wondered if we were in a brothel.

He loves to snuggle and he reaches his little arms as far as he can to get around to your biceps and squeezes as hard as he can to hug.

He tells me to "Sit!" when he wants to keep rocking before bed.

He says "foffee" for coffee, "hee haw" for horse, "bo-bots" for robots, "hoopsy" for oopsy, and now he calls blankies "gankies."

He pretends to be a kitty and meows.

He holds  a cracker with his thumb and his first two fingers.

When his hands are dirty, he makes fists and picks up his cup to drink.

He's slept in his big boy bed off and on a few times always climbing back in his crib in the middle of the night. He finally slept in it for a whole night this week!

He's become an expert at stalling at bedtime, just like his sisters.
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