Wednesday, January 4, 2017


V is at such a fun age right now. Full of wonder, curiosity... sass. One morning I was changing his diaper, and he had an erection, which happens regularly. He noticed it and said, "Mommy, my penis is standing up!" I told him he was right, and then he asked me why. Now, as a mom, I've spent many visits to the bathroom with the girls asking me about my period and how and why and as a woman, I was able to answer those questions adequately. But when V started asking how and why about his erections, I had to play the "Ask your dad" card. I mean, I understand it to a certain extent, but this is something DH is clearly better equipped to handle. So he scooted off to our bathroom where DH was getting undressed to shower, and said, "Daddy, my penis is standing up!" Then he looked at me and said, "Daddy's penis is standing down."

On Christmas Eve he came in with his mask on.
Me: Hi, Batman!
V: I'm V!
Me: Yes, you are.
V: You're Jennifer.
Me: That's right! Who's Daddy?
V: Babe.

Tonight when I was snuggling him at bedtime, he realized I was wearing a t-shirt instead of my work blouse. He asked me why, and I told him that I was wearing it for pajamas. "Mama, that's not 'jamas." I told him I didn't have any pajama tops, and he said maybe Santa would be bring me some. "But Mama, you have to be nice. You can't be naughty."
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