Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New House/Old House

I've been waiting to post until we found out for sure about our new house, but that's still in limbo. The day of the inspection there were probably 50 things listed (of course), but only two fairly small things we planned to ask them to resolve - an electrical and a plumbing problem, maybe $500 at the most. But the inspector wanted someone with more expertise in chimneys to look at the fireplace, so we had to wait for that. Sunday we found out that the house failed the radon testing, so it needs to have a mitigator installed. That will be around $1,000. Then yesterday the chimney guy told us it would be about $2,500 to fix it. So we went back to the seller asking for the radon mitigator, chiminey repair and plumbing repair (we decided to take care of the electrical ourselves). Waiting to hear back. Hoping we can reach a middle ground.

Today I found out some sad news about an old house I lived in - the Theta house in Ft. Collins. Apparently it's going to be torn down. It wasn't that attractive a house really, more functional than frivolous, not as sorority-girlish. But that didn't bother me, because inside were all my friends. So many great memories of hanging out in the back PJ playing Life, sliding down the stairs on kitchen trays, watching NBC's Thursday night Must See TV (which was coined in that era - Friends, Seinfeld and ER) in the front PJ, laying out on the deck, formal Monday night dinners in the kitchen followed by meetings in the chapter room. I could go on and on. I'm sad I won't be able to take S and R there when they get older and show them where I experienced Greek life. It was such an integral part of my incredible college adventure.

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