Monday, July 20, 2009

S Phrases

S is such a good communicator and just a little mimic when it comes to regurgitating words. I know it's normal at this age, but it always surprises me. One day my FIL was listening to a CD in the basement, and he had it cranked up. S wanted to go down to see him. I told her he was jamming out, and it was really loud, and she probably wouldn't like it. Now whenever he turns up his music, she says, "Papa jam out!"

She's also evolved her "Come on" repertoire from just "guys" to "dude" (thanks to me), and most recently, "people". To expand on that, when we were driving on Saturday, traffic was bad, so I told her we would have to go a different way. She said, "Come on, people! Pass 'em!" I about died laughing. She got that from DH when he gets frustrated driving.

She's also getting better with her manners. She's starting to understand the difference between "please" and "thank you". For a long time we would ask her what she was supposed to say and she would always answer "please", but now she will say "thank you" on her own sometimes. And the other day it was very cute because she wanted me to uncrumple a sticker for her, and I told her I wasn't sure I'd be able to because it was pretty much rolled into a ball. But I finally got it undone and she said, "Good job, Mama!" So sweet.

I'm also in awe of the big words she says pretty well - she can even say hippopotamus fairly well (which I can't even spell without looking up!).

One last thing, which isn't a vocabulary note, is that she loves floss right now. She isn't good at using it properly - she won't really let me show her how to do it - but she wants to floss every day. It's a good habit for her, but I have to really watch her because she basically lets it hang out of her mouth so she looks like a walrus and ends up chewing it up so it's almost all in her mouth. Such a fun kid!

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