Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm Not a Proud Mama, Or Anything...

Ok, I know I'm constantly going on about things S says, and I can only imagine how annoying I am to other people. I try to reign myself in, but I'm not very good at it. Anyone who knows me, knows I pretty much talk about everything. And maybe with R, I'll be less likely to expound on every single detail of her life, but I just find it so amazing to see S develop and learn and grow. You really do get to be a kid again through your kids. God certainly knew what he was doing giving us this second chance to see the world through their eyes.

That said, here are the three things S said this week that I feel are noteworthy:

"It'll go away." - This is a result of me trying to keep her from being a wimp. When she falls down, I cringe inside and want to run to her and make it all better, but I say, "Whoops! You're all right. Shake it off. Be tough." And if she says she has an owie, I tell her I'll kiss it but not to worry, "It'll go away." So the other day I bumped my head, which really hurt, by the way, and she said, "Mama bonk head. It'll go away." Got a taste of my own medicine.

"Drive careful." - My mom always tells us to drive careful when anyone leaves the house. So yesterday I guess my dad told S he was going to the bank and when he came back they could go to the store together. She replied, "Ok, Papa. Drive careful!"

"cooperating" - This morning my dad called and said that my mom was trying to get a fly with the flyswatter and she kept missing and said, "This fly is just not cooperating." And
S said, "Fly not cooperating." Those words are just getting bigger and bigger....

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