Monday, April 2, 2012

RemembeRED: I Pity the Fool(er)

The idea was hatched in 7th hour study hall.

"What if we told him you left school without him, and he had to get a ride?" Rebecca suggested. 

"Or," Bonnie said, "What if we said you got in a car accident at lunch and were at the hospital?"

"But as soon as he walked out front, he'd see the Greyhound," I rationalized. 

The Greyhound was my '85 Chevy Malibu wagon, so named because of its color and the fact that I shuttled half-a-dozen kids to-and-from school in it everyday. 

"Unless you moved it to the other side of the lot," Rebecca said.

The only flaw was that the Greyhound was one of two station wagons in the whole school. And the only one in the junior/senior lot. (The perils of being a middle class kid in an upper class school.) It wouldn't take a lot of looking to spot it amid the Volvos and Beemers.

"Or," I said, "I could actually go to the hospital."

"Oh my gosh, that would be awesome!" Bonnie squealed. "But then everyone would be stuck here."

"No, no – we could take them in our cars," Rebecca added.

"Yes!" I exclaimed. "It's on!"

Waiting in the hospital corridor, I giggled to myself. I pictured the girls telling my boyfriend the story, and his disbelief. And then irritation. Then I realized he might get really mad. Or worse, really worried. What if I had found out he was in an accident? I would be fighting back tears if the tables were turned.

My stomach was in knots. With every passing minute, the knowledge of the poor decision and guilt associated with it grew. Finally, they arrived. I put on a fake smile, and said, "Surprise! April Fool's!" He turned on his heel and went back outside.

This week we’re asking you to write about a time that a prank, joke, or piece of gossip twisted out of control, producing unexpected results.  Unexpected doesn’t have to mean negative!
This week’s word limit is 350 words.  Come back Tuesday and share what you’ve written.
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