Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stored in My Heart

You race ahead of me, your still-chubby legs carrying you as quickly as they can over the tile floor. You delight in the freedom to run with the security of knowing I'm right behind you. Fearless. Your long, brown hair kisses your shoulder blades with each bounce, the curls so precious I've yet to cut a single lock, though I know it should already have been done. Grasping your blankie-boo and giggling, other customers find you endearing on this visit. No tantrum in the checkout line today. I gently call to you to stop and wait for me as I put the cart away. You turn to me. Your beautiful smile fills my heart to overflowing. I take your hand and we walk out into the sunlight whose brilliance is diminished by your radiance.

I make a conscious effort to remember the details of this moment; sustenance for my impending return to the workforce. How I will miss these outings with you, Baby R. Mundane errands made wondrous by your very essence. I'm so thankful we had opportunities for one-on-one time. Even if it was only for a short while.
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