Monday, May 27, 2013


I'm behind in posting, I know - sorry! We had our level two ultrasound a few weeks ago. S decided to stay at school because they were making ice cream that day, so Baby R was the only one who went with us.

Everything looked good which was a relief. I've been having crazy worries about the baby having issues: We have two beautiful healthy kids; why push our luck and have a third?

Baby R did a great job of being patient for an hour - the last five minutes got to be too much for her and she was ready to go. Which was a good thing, because that's when we found out the sex, and it wasn't what she had hoped for. It was, however, what DH was wanting - it's a boy! He was beaming with pride. I reached out my hand to hold it in this tender moment - and he slapped me five. Seriously. That's how excited he is.

Baby R said that it was ok. We'll have a girl next time. Sorry, kiddo, party of five is it for this family!
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