Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Baby Bullets: 11th Edition

These are from early in the year:

Baby R started to stomp her foot when she was angry. It's so dang cute, it's hard to get upset with her.

S's new sassiness is not cute, however. She started sticking out her tongue. I about lost it the first time she did it. We had a big talk about how kids might do that at school, but we don't do that in our family.

Please-y cheesy wheezy is the new catchphrase that I think Baby R picked up at daycare and both of them say it. Funny kids!

I downloaded Pac-Man to my iTouch and when the girls were playing it one day, I started to sing "Pac-Man Fever."

Now the girls break into song on occasion.

Speaking of songs, the girls love to put on a show. When we were at my parents' house one afternoon, they took the hymnal and another set of music sheets off the piano and put on a choral concert in front of the mantle. It was the most lovely gobbledygook I've ever heard.

R putting Pull-ups on then some on her head and extra ones around her legs and being a penguin

I have no idea why Baby R started this, but she's been saying, "Okay, sir." To me. It's like Marci and Peppermint Patty. Perplexing.

S had her first father/daughter dance at school - melt my heart!

Baby R had her first haircut - and went with a bob! Very dramatic change. She looks so grown up! And absolutely adorable!

We walked to S's school for the carnival, and Baby R was picking dandelions and blowing them along the way. S turned around and scolded her, "Don't pick Mother Nature!"
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