Sunday, June 2, 2013

Appliance Ailments

Apparently I haven't been paying enough homage to the appliance gods because we've had a run of bad luck with them lately.

Towards the end of April, our dishwasher died. It came with the house, so we weren't sure exactly how old it was. The silver lining to that was literally silver - we bought a stainless steel one a week-and-a-half ago; now it matches the stove and fridge.

Speaking of the fridge, the day after DH installed the dishwasher - Monday morning - we were getting ready for school and work, and noticed water dripping from the ice dispenser - and a huge puddle on the floor. We frantically moved all the food to the beer fridge in the garage (thank goodness for that option since I had just bought groceries the day before). He and I were both upset about it; we bought the refrigerator 14 months ago. I was stressed out the whole day wondering if we'd bought the extended warranty on it. Beware my fury if it had just been a one-year, and we'd barely passed it!

Thankfully when I got home from work, DH had had a little time to fiddle with the settings and got it working again. We'd had a power outage the night before, so we're thinking it just didn't completely reset correctly for some reason. And he also told me he'd found the receipt and he'd gotten the extended warranty just in case it wasn't really fixed. Whew!

Having just dodged that bullet, disaster struck. The next Saturday evening, I was doing laundry. I put in a big load of towels and a blanket, and the washing machine started making a terrible grinding sound. DH lectured me on having too big of a load, but I do that size all the time. Apparently almost 4 years of it was too much. He was not pleased. Especially when he couldn't find the receipt and, therefore, the warranty info. Our friends were on their way over to watch a movie and hang out, so we put the search on hold until Sunday. Thankfully, we realized that we'd bought the washer at a different store than we were originally looking for in the receipts, and he found it. And we have a five-year warranty. Whew! But they couldn't get here to fix it until yesterday. Luckily I had finished all the clothes last week, so we barely made it through. Guess what I'm doing tonight?

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