Friday, June 21, 2013

What If the Church?

The pastor of our church along with a few others in our area decided a couple of years ago to see what it would be like if the church did what it was intended to do in the beginning. Serve together, worship together, pray for each other - regardless of denomination. They started "What If the Church?" Today there are more than 50 churches in the metro area who participate. A few weeks ago was our annual serve day, and over 3,000 volunteers helped with projects at dozens of locations in the city. 

One of the places that needed fixing up was an elementary school where one of my friends attended when we were kids, and her kids go there now. The teacher's lounge was badly in need of updating, and the landscaping needed to be - well landscaped instead of just dirt and dead plants. I helped pick up leaves and plants outside for a bit, and tape off and paint a bit inside. With a mask of course! It was fun meeting new people from other churches and seeing some old friends there. 

There was more to do than could be accomplished in one day, but we put a huge dent in the project.

So thankful to have been able to be a part of such an amazing ministry!
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