Monday, June 24, 2013

Tickle the Moon

At S's baseball game the other night, Baby R and her friend, L, were playing together. R shared her coloring pages and markers, and encouraged L's artistic work often: "Good job, L!" She offered to share her fruit and other toys as well.

After awhile, they started pulling the weeds around the bleachers. They waved them at each other, saying "Tickle, tickle!" Baby R inched over to me and brushed the green, fuzzy plant against my arm. "Tickle, tickle, Mama!" Then across my round belly. "Tickle, tickle, Baby!"

She looked up at the evening sky. "Look, Mama! There's the moon!"

"Yes, baby, there it is."

She stretched her chubby arms up as high as she could, waving the weed. "Tickle, tickle, moon!"
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