Sunday, January 26, 2014

Baby Bullets: 13th Edition

    I'm behind posting an update on the girls. These are from the last six months. Enjoy!

    • Home Alone was on TV, and though I don't find it to be appropriate for our girls' ages, they'd already seen it at Grandma and Grandpa's. Sigh. Anyway, at some point I said my usual spiel about how TV is just pretend, even when there are real people on it, and if any of the things happened to the burglars in real life, they would have been seriously injured or killed, etc. A couple of days later, Baby R was talking about the noodlers on Home Alone. I could not figure out what she meant, and then finally realized she meant burglars. Burgers, noodles... it's all the same, right?
    • While I was pregnant, the girls were fascinated by my growing belly, and at one time tried touching my boob to say hi to the baby. Um, a little lower, kids, thanks.
    • Baby R went on a diatribe about poop one day. She was getting closer to being able to go number two without as much trouble. She started prefacing everything with it: poop-diabetes, poop-strength, etc
    • Baby R came in crying one afternoon. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "Sissy said I was delegating!" Insults know no bounds in our house.
    • S and Baby R put on a song and dance routine, the lyrics to which were, "You can do it! You can do it! You're awesome!" They sure are.
    • Came upstairs to my bed having been made last August. Shocked, thanked my hubs who said, "I didn't make the bed." Nope, that would be our sweet S. Who spent the majority of the afternoon defying me at every opportunity. And who was supposed to be asleep instead of completing this chore. This is why I can't stay mad at her. Oh, and that she's the most adorable six-year-old in the world.
    • S picked up some new mannerisms in 1st grade. She came home one day and told a story including head bob and waving hand. Oy.
    • Once Cinco was born, the girls couldn't wait to hold him. Baby R was doing so and sang a lullaby. Such a precious moment. "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I - " Suddenly she stopped and said, "He's heavy!"
    • S went to a bday party for a classmate in November. It was her first experience at that famous place with the pizza, tokens and a singing mouse. The next day, she and and Baby R played with the tokens and tickets. It took all my will power not to bust up laughing every time they talked about going back to Chuck E. Cheez-Its.
    • We took the kids to Legoland. They really enjoyed it. We'll be going back when Cinco is old enough to play, too.
    • Baby R said, "You ruined my life!" She's 4. Sigh.
    • We celebrated Christmas with my side of the family in STL at my sister's house. On the drive there, Baby R sang carols, most notably, "On the first day of Christmas, when my dreams have come to me, a part in a pear a pantry."
    • It was the year of the DVD for Christmas. The girls have enjoyed watching them, but they are really into watching The Justice League on Netflix lately.
    • When Baby R was born, DH took S to see Sesame Street Live. He continued the tradition by taking both girls this January. Such an amazing dad!
    • There's a popular set of Sprint commercials out right now with James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell dressed in tuxes and speaking texts from a stage. The incongruity between these amazing thespians and the teen slang is funny. One in particular is two teenage girls texting about how cute a boy is. At the end, they say "Totes McGoats." It's become a huge catch phrase, and one day Cinco passed gas and DH said "Toots McGoots."The girls thought it was hysterical and kept saying it over and over.
    • S got a toy archery set for Christmas. She's been asking for one since she became enamored with Brave. She's done pretty well practicing with it. Just need more warm days and less wind. An actual target other than the swingset would be nice, too.
    • DH bought diapers and wipes at Costco, so the girls asked if they could build spaceships with the boxes from them. Love it!
    • Baby R: Magazines are for pooping. Newspapers are for quiet time.
    • Baby R is taking after her big sister in the fashion department. The other day she wore a red and black flowered blouse, a brown flowered skirt she got for Christmas from my sister, pink/purple camo sweatpants, an orange striped sock and a multi-colored striped sock, sparkly Hello Kitty shoes and a grey flowered cardigan. As one of my friends said, she is FABULOUS!
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