Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bye-bye House

We are officially out of our house. We signed the title over yesterday and picked up the check today. I'm sad - the longest I ever lived anywhere was the duplex, and that was 4.5 years. I've been at this house for 4.25 years, so almost as long. There are limitations when you rent, or live with your parents, so this was my first real home that was my own, and of course, DH's and my first home together and S's first home. The move did NOT go well. Let's just say there was a lot of miscommunication, and it took much longer than it should have. It didn't help that it's been incredibly hot here - the heat index was 110 yesterday. But we're done. For now. We had to put the househunting on hold until next week. Monday night DH helped cater something, and Tuesday night he went to the T-Bones game, so tonight and tomorrow night he's getting ready for the Lenexa BBQ, plus tomorrow night he has softball. Then of course the BBQ is this weekend.

I think I forgot to mention why we are househunting again. The inspection came back from the house we bid on and the roof and AC will need to be replaced within the next 5 years, and the plumbing is polybutylene which we found out is a bad thing. Due to all these factors, we wanted to have the price dropped or money allocated towards fixing all of them, and that didn't happen, so we chose to walk. So we are at my in-laws' house indefinitely instead of just a couple of weeks.

S has done fairly well with the transition, considering. She keeps asking to go home, and I tell her that Grandma and Grandpa's is our home, too, for now. But she's not been sleeping well which has been hard on all of us. Plus the heat has been affecting everything at their house as well - it's a 2-story and the AC doesn't get upstairs much which is where we are staying. It's been 85 degrees or more in our bedrooms. Luckily S's room has a window unit that keeps her room reasonably cool, and my father-in-law installed a ceiling fan in our room yesterday. So sweet of him. It's really just moving the hot air around, but it's at least helping a little bit.

Yesterday, DH wasn't feeling very well, so he had gone to lay down in S's room since it was cooler than ours. She wanted to see him, so I told her she could give him a hug and a kiss and that would help him feel better. She was so cute! Hugging him and saying, awww, and putting her favorite blankies and stuffed animals on him for comfort. She's going to be a wonderful big sister.

After his nap, DH felt better enough to go to the game, but we decided it would be best if S and I stayed out of the heat. I was disappointed because we played the Winnipeg Goldeneyes, and it would have been S's first sporting event, but it turned out to be a good decision because the game went into extra innings and finally got called around 11:15pm due to lightning. While Rob was there, he ran into the girl who first introduced us. We had been friends in high school, but when I was away at college, found that our interests sent us in separate directions. She was, of course, surprised to learn we'd gotten married. Kind of crazy that he saw her after all these years.

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