Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Blood Tests and Funny S Stories

Well, I went to get the results of my blood tests today from the hematologist, and there was only one minor thing that showed up. There's a generic antibody that is affecting my platelets, but it sounds like it is definitely related to being pregnant. The lab failed to do one of the tests she ordered though, so I had to have more blood drawn - ugh! They took some when I first got there to check my levels again, and then I went back to wait for the doctor and when she was flipping through the results, she noticed the test that was missing. She apologized and said maybe they had taken enough that they wouldn't need to draw more, but they needed three vials for this test! She only got one vial worth before my vein gave out, so she had to try again on my other arm (that had already been stuck the first time). I was sooo not happy. Now I have a sore arm and a lovely bruise. Had to remind myself to be thankful that while I was at the cancer center, I was only there for something so minor. Anyway, the test that was missing was for a disease that's hereditary, and based on my history, she's pretty sure it will come back negative. So I go back in a month to check my levels (unless the results of this last test show something). My platelet count had dropped to 128,000 when I was there last time, but has bounced back to 134,000 which is another reason she's confident it's nothing serious. Yea!

Yesterday I talked to the sitter about S going potty. I knew she had been taking the kids as the other two are training, so I wanted to try to get us on the same plan. She's just been incorporating it into their routine. After breakfast they go, before lunch they go, before nap time they go - if they want to. So I think that's what we'll do as well for now.

When DH picked S up yesterday afternoon, apparently she told him that she wants to work at Hy-Vee. On the one hand, this does not surprise me as she is enamored with the grocery store. But I did think it was funny that she wants to work there now, not just go there. But apparently her bigger goal she told him is that she wants to be a mower when she grows up. Also completely understandable given her love of everything lawnmower related - watching Dad mow, using her toy mower to mow, watching the lawn service at Grandma and Papa's, taking her mower with us on wagon rides. She's so much fun!

Last night we were snuggling in bed, and she was gently punching me and making noises like "chickapow". I asked her she was doing. Then she said, "Fist bump, Mama!" I was cracking up. We had just started teaching her to fist bump at the housewarming party. So we had to tell her, no, you fist bump with your fists, not by punching me in the chest.

Recently she's started singing "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep", kind of. She doesn't really know all the words, but I can tell that's what it is. Usually it incorporates words like baa, baa, yes sir, yes sir, full. So this morning she was singing in the car, and she said, "Yes sir, Yessirree, Bob!" I did a double take. It was pretty funny to hear her say that.

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