Monday, September 14, 2009

A Two-Year-Old's Favorite Place

I know, you're thinking, it's probably the park, or Chick-Fil-A, or Grandma and Papa's. Oftentimes it is. But if you want to know where her absolute favorite place to go is, it's our local grocery store, Hy-Vee. She LOVES Hy-Vee. I mean, with a capital "L". She sings songs about it, will randomly tell me that she likes it, and asks if we are going to go there There's one by my parents' house and one by ours, so when we drive by them, she says, "My Hy-Vee" or "Papa's Hy-Vee". I guess I can understand the draw to a certain extent - they have free cookies for kids (thank you Daddy for introducing her to that!), and samples, which helps me steer her away from the cookies to the healthier fruits and veggies. There are fun carts to ride in that look like a school bus (another of her favorite things), a police car, or a race car, and now they even have little miniature carts for kids to push themselves. That is her preference which is ok when we only have a couple of things to get.

It's great because I actually like Hy-Vee the best out of the stores available because they have "New and Expectant Mom" parking spots, and the best overall products and prices. Other stores are better for certain things, and if that's all I need, I'll go to them, but if I've got my big list for the week, Hy-Vee is where I head.

I've decided I need to try to catch her singing about Hy-Vee and videotape it, and send it to them. She'd make a great commercial.

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