Friday, September 4, 2009

Update On Life

S is getting better at playing pretend. She likes to hold "food" in the palm of her hand and use the other one to pinch some of it and hand it to me to eat. Her newest fascination is with chewing gum. When she sees DH or me with it, she opens her mouth and wiggles her tongue indicating she wants to see what we have in there. The other night before bed she was smacking her lips and clicking her tongue. I asked her what she was doing. "Chewing gum. Mama chew gum. Dada chew gum. Me chew gum." Then this morning she asked if she could have some gum, so I pretended to give her some, and she pretended to put it in her mouth and chew. She said she wanted more so I asked her what happened to what I'd given her, and she said it was all gone. I told her we don't swallow the gum; if we are done with it, we spit it out and put in the trash. I gave her some more to "chew" a few more times. Then I told her she should be careful not to get too much because it gets hard to chew it, and I pretended like I was chewing a huge wad which made her laugh.

The house is starting to come together. I'm trying to get some decorating done before the housewarming party in two weeks. I got the letters for S's name put up on her bedroom wall yesterday. They turned out pretty well, but it looks a little plain. I need to finish the rest of the decor in there and see if they will need anything else. I got some ideas for our bathroom, and picked up a few things at Michael's today. I'm looking forward to getting a lot of stuff done over the long weekend! (Hopefully.)

Only 9 weeks left til baby R's debut. I made an appointment with a hematologist, so next week I see the OB, the week after that the hematologist, and the week after that the dentist. I need to make an appointment to get S's hair cut (and mine). October is starting to look busy - DH is catering a couple of things, we have a bridal shower to go to, my great-aunt will be in town, DH is having a party for the softball team, and I'm hosting the Party of the Month I have with my high school girls.

Work is picking up a bit, and I'm trying to make notes for people for while I'm on maternity leave. One of the women here found out yesterday that she probably has H1N1 (Swine Flu). Praying I don't get it, athough to a certain extent, I don't believe the hype. If I wasn't pregnant and had a toddler, I'd completely ignore it, but that's just one of the ways being a mom changes you! Of course, DH thinks it's a good excuse to avoid having to smooch and snuggle me. :) One of his aunts has a friend who is in the hospital with West Nile Virus, too. Crazy. A guy at work made a comment about all the bad diseases appearing when I'm pregnant. When I was expecting S, his son got the mumps which is highly contagious and dangerous for pregnant women to be exposed to. Just hoping to get through the winter without anything major happening to the kiddos.

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