Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Today, Julia was kind enough to give us run of the roost to write about anything for WMW due to technical difficulties. (Poor thing - I hope your computer woes are resolved soon!) And my post yesterday got me to thinking about the great dates DH and I had when we were courting. (Yeah, I know it wasn't courting in the official sense of the word, but it sounds cool, and clearly I'm old, so this is an appropriate turn of phrase.) And I realized another place we went has gone the way of the dodo bird, so I thought I'd tell a few of our date stories.

First, what I consider to be our most romantic date. DH and I met through a mutual friend, and at the time, she and DH's friend were kind of interested in each other. So the boys planned a double date. First, we went to a neighborhood ice skating rink. This is where my sister and I took lessons as children. My sister even performed in a recital. It's where we went for birthday parties in winter. Many fond memories from there. And a few years ago, it closed down. But I digress....

At one point during our skate time, the boys went to get hot chocolate for us, and we girls continued around the rink, chatting, of course, about the boys. Then they came back and my friend went to sit down while I kept going. DH sidled up to me (as well as sidling can be done on ice skates), and said he saw a pretty girl out on the ice so he wanted to come say hello. Charming! Unfortunately, I don't do well with compliments. "Oh, really?" I replied. "Where is she?" Can you just hear the brakes screeching on the romanticism of the moment?

Not to be discouraged, when we left the ice rink, we stopped at the store on the way back to DH's parents' house. (Oh yeah, that's right. His parents' house. It was a LONG time ago.) When the boys came back to the car, DH presented me with a rose, and they'd rented "The Cutting Edge". Yes, a THEMED date night, people. Do I have a sweet hubby or what? (For those of you scrambling to get to IMDB for a synopsis, "The Cutting Edge" is about a hockey player who gets injured so becomes a figure skating partner to a spoiled girl, and of course, their fiery personalities are all wrong for each other, until they realize they are really just right. Hmm, sounds familiar...sigh...)


Julia said...

awww... what a great guy. and ice skating on the first date?? how brave. cutting edge is a great movie!!

KLZ said...

Toe pick!

I think he's a brave man to pick that movie out just to complete your theme. Plus, it's awesome and all.

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

I know! He really is romantic when he wants to be.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Themed date? I'd take my wife to Medieval Times and then watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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