Monday, January 17, 2011

A Big Day

It's a big day here at Midwest "Mom"ments. Drum roll please.... I've received my first award! (thunderous applause) Thank you, thank you. No, you're too kind. No really. STOP.


Anyway, I really am surprised, so I have no speech prepared. I want to thank Kristy of Pampers and Pinot for bestowing this award on me. We met through The Red Dress Club. So glad I finally joined that group! I've discovered so many great blogs like Kristy's. I need to update my blog roll!

And apparently, there are rules to this award, so I better get to it. I'm supposed to list seven facts about myself. As you know, I pretty much put it all out there, so the usual ones are kind of a moot point. (wife, mother, clumsy, sarcastic, tired, creative, writer) I decided to list my top 7 favorite vacation destinations.

  1. Maui, HI
  2. Shannon, IRE
  3. Frisco, CO
  4. New York, NY
  5. Hong Kong, CN (Technically I was there for business not pleasure, but I did a fair amount of sightseeing. More than I've done in Chicago, which is why even though I've been there half a dozen times, it's still on my list of places to visit because I've never really seen anything there aside from the airport and meeting rooms.)
  6. San Francisco, CA
  7. Memphis, TN
The second part of the rules is that I have to pass it on to 15 others. So here are the lucky recipients!

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Thank you all for your blogs and Tweets!


Natalie said...

I'd like to go to every single place you listed except for Frisco, CO (I know nothing about it) and Hong Kong (no desire to visit for some reason. All the rest, let's do it!

Thank you so much for bestowing the award upon me - I'm honored :)

Unlikely Origins said...

Woot! Go you!

I got this a few weeks ago, and I've yet to do my "paying it forward"! (I hang my blogger head in shame.) This is a good reminder that I need to do it!

We have our stylish blog award on our sidebar. It was our first, too!


-Karinya @ Unlikely Origins

Liz said...

I nearly fell off the chair when I saw Memphis listed!


And thanks for the shout/award!

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

Thanks everyone!

Natalie, Frisco is a tiny town between Breckenridge and Dillon. All the beauty and serenity of CO without as much tourism. I would not have chosen Hong Kong, but I had to go for work. Since they were under British rule for so long, most signs are bilingual and a lot of people speak English, and they have Starbucks and McDonald's if you just can't stomach the food. It's funny to get a coffee from a barista who is Chinese and says, "Cheers!" with an English accent! :)

Liz, It's so funny, because I was trying to think of places I've been on vaca with DH - I think it hurts his feelings that I liked Maui (went with a girlfriend) better than Ireland (our honeymoon). Not that I didn't like Ireland, but Maui gets 1st place. Anyway, I was trying to think of where we've been together, and since he's a creature of habit, 99% of our trips have been to CO. And then I remembered that we went to Memphis for New Year's. And then I remembered that's also where we went for my sister's bachelorette party. And then I though, "Guess who'll be excited about seeing Memphis on the list? Liz!" So I had to include it. :)

(Been to Boston, too, but without DH, so that was the deal-breaker.)

KLZ said...

Thank you, thank you! Those are some big blogs up there - I'm surprised to see my name amongst them.

When you get to Chicago one day, I'll totally show you around this bad boy!

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

Aw, lovely one!!!

Thank you so kindly.

And yowza I'm in there with some awesome names.

I am flattered and honored!!

Angie said...

Oh, wow, hon, you just made my day! Thank you so much! Just to be on a list with those other blogs is an honor in and of itself.

Off to do my happy dance now....

Nichole said...

Thank you so much!
You really know how to cheer up a girl who's still on the mend!
I vote you make it to San Francisco so we can get together!

Cheryl said...

Yay! Thank you for putting me with such great company!

My absolute favorite place is Grand Cayman island. I want to go back - like, now!

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

KLZ and Nichole, I'd love to meet up with you next time I'm out and about. :)

Cheryl, I have not been there yet, but I've heard incredible things. Would like to go sometime. Have to convince the hubs that there's more to do than just sit on the beach. :)

So glad you are all liking the award!!

Sherri said...

Ooh, thank you so much for including me on such an awesome list!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so excited. I'm doing the Snoopy Dance around the living room! Thank you so much. I will definitely pay it forward. Wow. Just wow.

HonestConvoGal be my Twitter Handle

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jennifer!

No mention of Washington, DC, huh? We have FREE museums and CRABS! Uhhh, blue crabs. There's a reason why I don't work in the tourism industry.

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

Ha! Pop, I do really like DC, and I would like to go back. I didn't get to see much on my whirlwind, one-day tour. Not a big fan of crabs, but I do love that the museums are free. A big one-up on NYC. :)

Jessica said...

Okay, I swear I already left a comment here but it must have disappeared into the blogosphere. Soooo, one more time... thank you so much for giving this to me, I'm honored to be listed among these amazing bloggers and love the award. Thank you, thank you but I do have to say I'm shocked that Michigan is not on your list, I mean there is so much here. Probably just as much snow and cold weather as where you are at, how could you not want to visit :) ?

Have a great weekend!

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

Hey! No worries! I find that happens to me all the time. :)

LOL! I work for a company that has Kmart as a client, so I have been to Detroit/Troy several times (of course, now we go to Chicago). For some reason, the meetings were always in February-ish. Maybe I'd be more inclined to visit if I'd been there a different time of year! :)

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