Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's day three of those "goals." So far, I'm not doing too badly. I managed to go for a walk each of the last two days. I didn't lose my temper with the girls. I only drank 4-5 glasses of water a day, but that's better than the 1-2 I had been drinking, so progress! I did a devotion on the 1st and went to church yesterday. Things were looking pretty good until this morning.

I don't know why I bother going to bed. It's not like I get to sleep. (If only it was for reasons as racy as it sounds!) Last night Baby R was up for a couple of hours, and then S got up at 5:30am. For the day. 5:30am, people! WTH!?!?!? I was so annoyed. So even though I said a quick prayer for patience, or at the very least, the ability to bite my tongue, by the time Baby R had pinched my nipple while I was carrying her around for the THIRD time, I snapped at her. Ugh. Poor thing. Then S was (of course) so tired that she fought me at every turn, and I finally lost it when she refused to put her socks and shoes on. Big fail. Sigh. Will try to get more sleep tonight and do better tomorrow.

I'm so glad I don't do the traditional resolutions about wanting to lose weight because at work today there are chocolate chip cookie bars, peanut butter cup cookies and truffles. Seriously would have lost my willpower by now. On my fifth glass of water today. That's enough "dieting" for today... 

In other news, I have a product review and giveaway that I'm going to post about this week - yay!

But first, a few notes about the babies because I know you all don't get enough of them. :)

Baby R has started tugging on her hair when she's sleepy. I had completely forgotten that S used to do that since she has an ear fetish.

S has been looking for the Elf on the Shelf every morning since Christmas and doesn't get why he's not here after 10 explanations. Hopefully she'll be on the same page with me before Valentine's Day.

She cracks me up with her vocab. The other day she told me there was a car that was "similar" to my old one. It was, too.

She is now obsessed with Chinese food since DH introduced it to her a couple of weeks ago. Orange chicken, to be precise. She LOVES it. That and "forks n cookies."

She told her first lie last week. She was brushing her teeth and I left to do something in another room. When I came back I asked if she had spit (something I check with her about now that she's using "real" toothpaste with fluoride). She said yes. But she was standing in the same spot as when I left her. So I looked in the sink. It was empty. I mentioned it and then she said she rinsed it out. I told her she couldn't reach the handle. She said she climbed up on the sink. I couldn't believe she kept building on it. I told her how it was ok that she hadn't spit, it was more important that she tell me what really happened. Oy.

S, handing me some "presents" wrapped in Cool Whip containers: "Mom! I got you some junk!"

M: I'd really like you to pick up the Legos.
S: Well, that's just not gonna happen.
M: You crack me up, kid.
S: I know.

S: What's wrong, Mama?
M: Oh, I've got cramps.
S: I think you're gettin' old.

Ah, kids.... 


Liz said...

I can totally see why you'd be dying for those peanut buttery sweets!

Hey, if she'll eat something as exotic as orange chicken, I'd run with it!

Hope you get more sleep tonight!

Nichole said...

Okay, seriously? How cute is "forks n cookies"?!
So flippin' cute!

Tarja said...

Okay, I really need to be drinking more water.

As for losing your temper, you're touching on something that eats at me every with a two-year old maniac! So hard, isn't it?

Jessica said...

It is so hard to maintain your temper and patience on no sleep, too bad our kids don't understand that. I hope everyone starts sleeping better for you soon.

Oh and I have a nipple pincher too. WHY do they do that???

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

That girl's got quite the lie-architecture going on!

Watch out...pretty soon it's going to be space aliens as the reason the glass of milk got knocked over.

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