Friday, March 16, 2012

Baby Bullets: 8th Edition

  • Baby R named one of her baby dolls "Safety." I have no idea why or where it came from, but I suppose that's a good thing?
  • Baby R is really into princess stories, and the girls have started pretending to be princesses waiting to be rescued by a prince. I'm trying not to poke my eyes out, but I feel like all my girl power talks have been lost already. I keep saying, "You don't need a prince to rescue you. You can rescue yourself! Or maybe you could play that the prince is locked in the tower and you can rescue him?" It's not working.

  • Despite that setback, we have two big announcements! S learned how to tie her shoes all by herself!! And....
  • S learned how to ride a bike without training wheels!! 
  • Finally, a short, "bulleted" version of yesterday's funny story: On the way home from the bank, the girls were trying to blow up the balloons they had gotten. I cautioned them not to accidentally bite off a bit and choke on it. S asked what would happen. I told her they could die. She asked if they would go to heaven. I told her, yes. A few minutes later I heard her say, "Baby R, don't pull so hard! You'll go to heaven!"
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