Monday, March 26, 2012

Good News!

I'm excited to finally be able to make this announcement that's been in the works the last week or so. Those of you who read regularly know my husband and I have been having some employment issues. DH has been at a crappy job that he's been trying to leave for two years. We both found out the last week of December that we were going to be laid off. I was let go at the end of January, and he has had his layoff date move from end of March to end of February to sometime this summer. He's been job hunting even more intently the last few months, and it finally paid off! After a rigorous interview process and an intensive background check, he accepted a contract job with a highly regarded pharmaceutical company. He gave his notice on Friday - hallelujah! The contract only runs through December, so he's concerned about that, but we are hopeful that it will lead to another position within the company, but if not, at least it will make an impressive addition to his resume. And of course, we're hopeful I'll have found employment by then as well. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and well wishes!!
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