Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dream A Little Dream

I had my first pregnancy dream last night. I can't remember how it started, but I ended up delivering the baby this Friday. A girl I work with is pregnant and due in two weeks. We have a pool at the office to see who can most closely guess when she'll deliver. I guessed this Friday, and another girl guessed today because it's a full moon. I'm sure much of the dream was related to that.

I was on a gurney in the hospital hallway. There weren't any rooms available because a bunch of women had gone into labor. DH wasn't there yet; he was on his way. I think it was my sister who had brought me? Anyway, there was a mirror in the hallway, and I could see some of the other women in their rooms. My labor was progressing rapidly, and I knew I couldn't keep the baby from being born any longer, and I was worried because I knew there was no way a C-section could happen. (Having had two previously, I'm at too great a risk for a VBAC now.) I could see the baby crowning in the mirror and yelled out for help. A nurse swooped in, caught the infant and placed it in my arms before rushing off to help another woman delivering nearby. It was full-term, beautiful. I realized she hadn't told me the sex. I lifted it up and saw it was a boy.

As much as my husband would like to believe my dream was psychic, I think it's also related to the girl at work. She and her husband had the sonographer write the baby's sex on a piece of paper and then took it to Party City and told them they wanted pink or blue balloons put in a box for when they came back to pick it up. Then they opened it later when they were at dinner with their families and were all surprised at the same time. The balloons were pink.

In the last week or so, several old wives tales have popped up, along with comments from other people that indicate the baby is a boy. She's started to question everything since they never saw the sono showing the baby's genitals. She said it will probably be born on April Fool's Day and be a boy. Ha! That would be funny.

Anyway, I'm not putting too much credence in my dream. But it will be fun to find out how things turn out for my friend, and for us.
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