Thursday, March 28, 2013


If you look back to my "Poor Pinterest Projects" post from last March, you'll see I made some homemade laundry soap. It cost about twenty bucks to make it. I used the last scoop in a load tonight. Talk about a frugal option!

On a less positive note, we had an accident in the bath tonight. The girls like to bathe in our tub because it has jacuzzi jets. After we finish washing, I let them turn on the jets for five minutes for a "bubble bath." On the wall behind the tub, hang two small shelves. One has a jar with sand in it, and the other has a jar with sea green beads in It. Tonight, the glass jar with the beads fell as we were finishing up bubble time. It shattered everywhere and some shards made small cuts across Baby R's back. I felt horrible. S was crying because she was scared of sissy being hurt. They're both fine, but I should have thought about the possibility that those could fall. Thankful it wasn't worse.
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