Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cute Stuff

S is so full of cute things now, it's hard for me to remember them all. She amazes me daily with new phrases. Yesterday we were watching the birds (one of her favorite things to watch, next to the mowers), and she said "Flew away. All gone." Her first full sentence with a subject and a predicate, though, was "I toot." Daddy was so proud. I'm not sure where she got this from, but she started saying "guys" - she calls her stuffed animals her guys, or groups of people guys, etc. But she says it in her little high-pitched voice, and it's adorable.

She still loves to buckle (she says snap) her highchair straps, and today it was so funny because she said, "Oh snap!" A phrase she's been saying for awhile now is "Sit down!" so I imagine she's hearing that a lot at Papa's. :) Tonight when we were laying down for bed, she was playing with her baby doll and saying what I thought sounded like, "Becky, Becky, rolll back!" I finally figured out she was clapping the doll's hands together and trying to sing "Patty Cake, Patty Cake, roll, pat!"

Which brings me to her next favorite thing - playing in her bed. We have some concerns because the rails are 2.5" beyond the edge of the mattress on each side, which worries us because all the weight of the bed is on the 3 cross slats. So we're trying to decide if we need to just get a new bed but that means a whole new bedroom set which is a crazy hassle. So DH is going to see if there's anything he can do to fix it. She loves snuggling in the bed and pretending to sleep in it, so I really want to get her sleeping in it soon while she's still small enough that she needs help getting in, and I can hopefully keep her from getting out.

She still loves to clean, and she's such a big help when I try to do all the dusting and window cleaning. She follows behind me, and I give her her own rag and paper towel, and she happily scrubs away.

My Auntie M and Uncle B came to town from Manitoba this weekend, so it was great to see them. S was a little timid at first and she was hiding behind me on the couch and I asked her what she was doing and she said, "Shy". It surprised me and was very cute.

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