Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Library

Last night, we had a showing so we went to the library to kill time. DH needed to do homework (he's in school for his Master's), so he was studying on the quiet side of the library, and I took S to the kids' side. We were playing with the blocks and doing puzzles and a librarian came and asked if we wanted to come to the bilingual story time. I thought that would be fun, but S didn't want to go, so I told her we might stop in after it started, but I wasn't sure she'd be able to sit still for it anyway. So after awhile we heard talking and I asked S if she wanted to listen to the story. We walked in the direction of the reading room, but it's across from a train table, so she started playing with the trains. Then I finally got her to look over to the room, and she saw a little girl in there ("Baby!"), and walked over to the door. Mind you, there was only one little girl and her parents. No one else has shown up for the reading. The little girl saw S and the train and wanted to go play. The parents were trying to keep her in, I was trying to either get S in to sit and listen, or out to leave them all alone. It ended with the other little girl coming out to the train table and me apologizing for us disrupting story time. Had we been able to go home yet, I would have just left, but we were stuck there for another 15 min. No one was upset about it, but I was a little embarrassed.

Another surprising thing S did last night was when we were snuggling in bed before she went to sleep. I have been saying her nighttime prayers with her for awhile now, but haven't started Grace with her yet. We were laying in bed and she was jabbering away as usual, and I heard her say, "God is good. God is good. Good is good." I looked over and in the dark I could see her little hands clasped together, so I asked her, "Are you saying 'God is good', like 'God is great, God is good, let us thank him for our food'?", and she did her little giggle that means yes. So cute! I think the sitter must be having them pray before lunch.

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