Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I just wanted to say how remarkable my husband is. I need to be better about remembering that. Here's a good example. Tonight around 9pm, my dad called because he needed me to pick my mom and him up after he blew two tires driving home from dinner. I panicked and ran out the door to get them. They were fine, just irritated about the problem, so I was relieved. Unfortunately, between my elderly parents and pregnant me, none of us were able to change the tire. Even if we could have, we needed two spares. So I drove them to their house, and we discussed a plan to get it towed in the morning and have me take him to pick it up. When I got home and told DH what had happened, he started thinking of solutions (his forte). He and his friend devised a plan to put the donut on tonight, take the bad tire with him tomorrow and after work get a new one to replace the other flat, and then Dad can drive the car to the shop to get another new one to replace the donut. No need to tow! So sweet of them - it's 10pm. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful husband (with such a great friend).

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