Wednesday, September 15, 2010

B2S/B2B Assignment 1

It's been a whirlwind of craziness in the land of Not Just Another Jennifer recently. My hubs and I both have been overscheduled last week and this week, he got a stomach bug Sunday and Monday, and while the full moon isn't supposed to occur til next week, it must have been shining over our house last night because the girls were completely whacko. By this I mean that within minutes of my arrival home, S peed on the couch - for no reason - so I asked her to go to the bathroom and clean herself up while I scrubbed the , and then she pulled the entire roll of TP off onto the floor. When I asked her to pick it up, she said, no. Deep...breaths. Do not...strangle...your child. And poor baby R has a horrific diaper rash that is so bad that it woke her up in the night. :( Not to mention that Kludgy Mom's Back 2 School/Back 2 Blogging project started, and though I was ahead of the game Sunday having read the assignment AND checked out the extra credit, I'm currently in a time crunch to finish the writing portion by tomorrow. I just want to go to bed after volleyball tonight since I was up from 2am-4am with my 3-year-old insomniac, but I will push through and get it done, because that's the kind of student I am. A procrastinating perfectionist - yikes.

On to the point of my post. Week 1's assignment was to do an inspection checklist of my blog. Before I even started, I knew I needed to do some major overhauling. I need to have a remedial class with Gigi to figure out how to do some things. From looking over our 11-point checklist, I did a several simple things that I feel like made a big difference, but here are the things I still want to do to improve my blog:

• Figure out how to add tabs.
• FIgure out how to add categories.

Hmmm, hopefully I'll have time to work on that before the next assignment.

The writing task for the week was to find a "COOL, little-known plugin or widget and tell us about it". I don't know about any, so maybe others have already seen these, but I thought it was be really helpful for me as a mom blogger. There's a site, Widgetbox, that has a bunch of different things available. One section is basically for quick searches or links to check out how family-friendly different entertainment arenas are. The first one I saw was called Moral Metric Search. It gives movie, TV, video game, and Web safety reviews. I couldn't get it to work, though. Then I found one that is a link to where there are Christian movie reviews. It's sort of like the Facebook or Twitter widgets in that it shows the latest posts to their site reviewing different movies. When you go to the site, though, there are also areas that cover music and other popular culture. I installed it and am interested to see if it's all I'm hoping it can be!


Gigi said...

Widgetbox is something I've never checked out!!! Great find!!! Your comments about staying up to finish assignments cracked me up. I'm like that too (see, I'm trying to visit everyone's week 1 posts tonight before Week 2 starts tomorrow)!


Not Just Another Jennifer said...

Thanks, Gigi! It's good to know there are other bloggers out there with the need to follow the rules! (Well, some of them, hee hee.)

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