Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthday Palooza

Last night my friend, and wonderful photographer, Rebecca Peters (H), had her 30th birthday party. I had a great time seeing friends, and of course, Rebecca had a photo booth set up with props for people to take crazy shots. We watched a slideshow of them at the end of the evening, and it was quite entertaining.

Though I got home later than I'd planned (11:30pm), I thought I'd be a little tired, but ok today. Unfortunately, S woke up when I came home and was sneezing like crazy. So I gave her some Benadryl and she wanted to sleep with us for awhile. Around 1:30am, I took her back to her room and stayed for a bit. Came back to our bed, and about five minutes later, Baby R was awake. Fed her and put her back down, but she was fussing for a bit. I think I finally got to sleep at 3ish. Another short night.

This morning was a birthday party for one of S's best friends from daycare. He had the party at the Ag Hall of Fame in Bonner Springs. It was so cool! His mom and I were saying we needed to come back and bring a picnic and spend the day there. There's was so much to see and we only got to do about half of it in the two hours we were there. The guide showed us the old machinery they used to shuck corn, and then the grinder to make cornmeal. Then the kids got to feed that to the chickens. There was an old house with some original furniture from the late 19th century. Then we got to ride on a mini-train around the grounds. That was really fun for the kids - the party theme was Thomas the Train. There was also a real full-sized caboose that the kids got to wander through. While we were in the train depot building, one of the boys said, "Wow! This is REALLY old! Like from the '80's!" 1880's maybe.

Tonight we are getting together for my FIL's bday celebration. He and my MIL went to Cali to visit my SIL for his birthday, so we are just now getting around to cake and presents. And on that note, I need to head out to get his gift card. But before I go, one note about Baby R - she crawled on her knees today! Very exciting. She's just been army crawling, and since she'd started pulling up, we thought maybe she'd just skip "regular" crawling all together and just walk. But today she did. She's getting so big!

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