Friday, September 24, 2010

Yes, Seriously, Another Blogger Posting about Katy Perry on Sesame Street

I had heard the scuttlebutt and was content to just have my own internal thoughts on the matter. Ha! Ok, maybe I posted a few things on Facebook, and OTHER blogs, but I wasn't planning to write my own post. Until I just watched the video. Was her outfit a bit too revealing? Yes. Is it worse than Disney princess or Barbie outfits? No. Is the outfit really the problem? I don't think so.

In general, I like Katy Perry's songs. They're upbeat, risque, yes, but good to dance to. A few have lyrics that are too much for me, but I love "Hot and Cold" which is what is parodied in this clip. (Yeah, I'm a cool mom. That's my thing. I'm hip to the kid's music these days. I surf the Web. I text. LOL - laugh out loud. WTF - why the face.) Anyway, I am also pretty conservative. I do keep in touch with the current pop music so I can be educated (and let our my inner teen on occasion), but only when I'm in the car alone which isn't often. Most of the time I listen to Christian radio or kids CDs. If my kids were to hear "Hot and Cold" though, I wouldn't be overly concerned about it. The worst line in the song is "You PMS like a b!tch, I would know", and of course the curse word is always bleeped out on the radio. It's not like it's Usher's "OMG". (Though, to be honest, I doubt my kids would get any of the sexual innuendo in "OMG" if they're anything like their mama. I watched "Grease" all the time when I was little and never gave it a second thought until I saw it in college and about died when I realized what the lyrics to all the songs were!)

Anyway, Sesame Street did a good job of parodying the song, and it was a cute little skit. (BTW, big Sesame Street fan. Grew up watching it, and our 3-year-old loves it, too.) I think if Miley Cyrus had done the song, parents would have been applauding (don't get me started on what I think about her). At the very least, had they criticized her outfit, I think Sesame Street would have reshot it with her in a different ensemble and moved on.

But this is not Miley Cyrus. This is Katy Perry.

Interesting fact I was not aware of until yesterday: Katy Perry was a gospel singer when she started her career. I Wikipedia'd her today (because that's the best source of accurate information, right?), and apparently she even studied opera. But that's not what she's known for. She's known for songs like "I Kissed a Girl" and "Waking Up in Vegas" - not exactly family-friendly lyrics and videos. And that, my friends, is why parents don't want their kids to see her on the show.

You know what? You're right. Katy Perry is not the best role model for our kids, so she should not be featured on Sesame Street. I mean, Sesame Street has had tons of more conservative-appropriate guest hosts like Kobe Bryant (who had an affair), Jake Gyllenhaal (who portrayed a homosexual character in "Brokeback Mountain"), Ellen DeGeneres (who actually is homosexual), and Johnny Cash (who was a drug addict). The great thing about Sesame Street is that they try to have people on that adults find entertaining as well, and they preach acceptance.

For me, if anything, this type of skit opens up the possibility of dialogue with my preschooler about what is appropriate in our family. (We have a daily struggle with getting her to wear any clothes at all.) I can just imagine it...

S: Mommy, I like this song!

Me: Me, too, honey!

S: Look at Elmo - he's so silly!

Me: He sure is!

S: Mommy, why is Katy Perry so scantilly clad?

Me: Well, honey, she's a bit of a slut...

(Just kidding.)

S: Mommy, that girl has on a green dress. Green's your favorite color!

Me: You're right! What do you think about that dress?

S: It doesn't have any sleeves. Is it a princess dress?

Me: Well, some people might think it is, but we don't wear clothes without sleeves, do we?

S: No. She's almost nakey-pants!


MommaKiss said...

oh, i would love it if you really told your kid she was a slut.

my kids - totally not phased. and they really like 'bumps.'

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

"Bumps" is another great one with a good beat. It's tough because they really have no idea what they are saying.

I saw a hilarious greeting card that shows two moms passing each other in the grocery store with kids in their shopping carts. One kid is singing the ABC's and the other is singing "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me..." Inside it said something like, "Hope your birthday is free of bad mommy moments." :) Cracked me up!

gopopgo said...

LOL @ slut. :-P

My conversation would've continued like this:

Daughter: No. She's almost nakey pants!
Me: And what about boys?
Daughter: YUCK! They're gross!

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

Ha! My husband could only hope that would be the response from our DD. So far she doesn't seem to have differing opinions on the sexes. I'm sure that will change soon....

Natalie said...

I'm a huge Sesame Street fan & I love the fact my kids can enjoy a show I grew up with.
Why shouldn't they have Katy Perry on their show? Like you said, they have a history of using semi-questionable adults and nothing was ever said. Why now? Besides, in looking at pictures from the skit I see no problems with her dress. Nothing's hanging out where it shouldn't be.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I had to hop over to You Tube and check this one out. I thought it was very cute. She was dressed much like a Barbie doll and if I'd just been watching it in my own living room, I wouldn't have come up with any scandal.

I think watching the NFL on a Sunday and seeing a Viagra commercial is far more damaging.

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

So true!!! Commercials are really the worst part of any programming. The show might be kid-friendly, but the commercials aren't. That's another reason I love PBS.

Kris said...

Love this post.

I think the media just gets bored every once in a while and looks about for something to whip into a frenzy. I really really do.

Sesame Street has always tried to walk that line between education and entertainment. Something for the kids and some humor or intrigue for the adults as well.

Katy Perry was lovely.

Would I wear an outfit like that?


Do my children watch nighttime "family" shows that are interrupted by ads for Victoria's Secret lingerie?

They so do.

My daughters do not seem to be phased.

And so neither am I.

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