Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Girls...and My Wonderful Hubby

Ok, really most of this post will be about S, but I have two notes about the other loves of my life I need to include.

First, S. This weekend, she was "stretching" for her "exercises" and had her leg behind her. I told her she was doing a position in ballet known as an attitude. She started walking around kicking her legs in front and in back of her. "Look, Mom, I'm doing a Batman and an attitude." I'm sorry, what?? A Batman? Not sure what that is....

We were talking about drinking juice and how we only have a little bit of juice because it doesn't have as much nutritional value as milk and water. I mentioned that milk is good for your bones. And S piped in, "Yeah, and we hafta drink lotsa water because we don't want to get hydrated." Wow! How does she know about being dehydrated? Must be the sitter or my parents. Good thing that I've put her in such good care when she's away from me. And I'm not sure if it was that same conversation or another where I let her know she had done a good job when she said, "Pretty impressed, aren't you?" Oh my. Note to self - work on teaching her humility.

Today was her first day of preschool!! Aack! Can it really be that she's big enough for school? I'll spare you all the sappy thoughts since I know many of you've been there. I'll just skip to my embarrassing "mom"ment. So I'm blessed to have had a best friend since the 4th grade who lives about half a mile away. She's an amazing mom to 4 girls, two of whom are twins, AND she teaches preschool out of her home. Incredible! Anyway, S is going to her house for school. Which is somewhat confusing as it is because she's supposed to call her Mrs. D, but has always known her as B, so she is confused about why she has to call her a different name. Anyway, pick up time from preschool is 11:30am. I need to leave work at 11:15am. All morning I was thinking about it. Until I wasn't. And suddenly I looked up from my computer (which, by the way, I wasn't even working on, I was reading blogs - yes, I blame all of you!), and it was 11:45am. OMG!!!! I bolted out the door and called my BFF to apologize profusely and let her know I was on my way. Of course, S was the only one left. She wasn't wanting me to leave her that morning, and now I've gone and left her too long. NOOOO!!! Thankfully, she'd warmed up after a bit and was having fun playing with the toys. I felt like the worst mom. And the worst friend!

Ok, enough about that. At dinner tonight she was threading her penne pasta on her fork tines, and I smiled to myself. I remember being little and doing that. I'd forgotten all about it until tonight. Kids are great like that.

Another classic potty moment at bedtime tonight. She was going to the bathroom, and she passed gas, and I said, "Whew! You are stinky!" She looked at me with the most solemn, angelic face, and said, "Yes, Mommy. Jesus made me that way." It took all my physical restraint not to bust a gut. I'm pretty proud of myself for simply replying, "You're right, honey. Jesus did make you." And then she said something that melted my heart. "And he made me pretty." Yes, he sure did. Don't you ever forget that. "And he made Riley's baby bottle. Who built our house?" And we're off to the next train of thought in a preschooler's little mind.

Moving on to the other family members. Baby R tried to start climbing the stairs yesterday. Oh boy - look out!

My parents, bless their hearts, are not the most technically savvy people. I am pretty good with software, and ok with hardware - on a Mac. A PC is all Greek to me. I can make it work to a certain extent, but anything beyond the basics is out of my area of expertise. My DH is a lifesaver. He has helped my parents on more than one occasion when I've been unable to fix their problems. So tonight he bought them a new printer and hooked it up for them. Love that man!

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