Monday, March 7, 2011

Giveaway Winner AND Family Update

...Ok, people are going to think this is rigged, which is why I have the screen capture showing that the random comment that won the Downy Wrinkle Releaser was #8:

Congratulations Karinya from Unlikely Origins on winning another prize from Midwest "Mom"ments!!

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Since it's been awhile since I've posted an update, I'm combining the winner post with the latest happenings from around our house. I kept saying things were going to get crazy, and I might not be able to post for awhile. They are crazy, but work was fairly slow so I was able to do my posts at lunch time. Now, not so much. We went from 0-60 in a day.

Anyway, I've noticed lately that the girls are already so melodramatic - I can't imagine what it will be like when they are teenagers!

Granted, poor Baby R is getting MORE molars. She now has 10 teeth - six of which are molars. CRAZY! So she has had an upset tummy, diarrhea, and general fussiness. And that means - you guessed it - no sleeping. She's a hoot though for the most part. Her newest trick is taking her sippy cups and stacking them on top of each other on her tray. I usually give her milk, but sometimes she also wants water or juice, so I will give her a second cup. Most of the time whether she has one cup or two she pours one out all over her tray. So. Frustrating. But lately if she has two, she stacks them. And she does a great job; they rarely fall over.

She's also been expanding her vocabulary. In addition to Clifford and Cars, she says bug, kiss, sausage, buckle, and Sis. She's starting to develop empathy. When S is sad, she will pat her back. Or if S is really upset, Baby R will cry or call out, distressed. Very sweet. And she will put her finger in front of her lips to say "Shhh."

S just cracks me up. A couple of weeks ago I drove her and a friend to a birthday party. She was talking to her friend, E, about their drive to our house. "Did your daddy take 45 to get here?" (I-435) Then last week we were listening to the traffic report on the way to daycare and she was repeating what they were saying in a shocked voice. "An accident on 71 Highway? Oh my goodness!" Lately we've been watching "Cars" a lot, and the other day she was talking about Lightning McQueen's grandpa. I told her he's not in the movie, there's just a scene where he calls Doc grandpa in a mean way because he's making fun of him for being old. Which isn't nice. She was arguing with me about it, insisting that everyone has a grandma and a grandpa. So I asked her who Lightning McQueen's grandma was and she said the blue car. Sally? Yep. I was relieved to see she didn't get the innuendos between them.

Two weekends ago, DH took S to Lowe's to make the Grow and Build Project. It was the Lowe's NASCAR car. Last Saturday he took her to Home Depot to make their car. It's been fun for him to show her the races now and she can see the cars. However, now her perception on wrecks is skewed. While I'm glad she's no longer paranoid about us getting into one (the backseat driving was getting REALLY old), she's a little too cavalier about it now.

Friday, DH and I had a date night. We went to a great Italian place near our house, and then met a couple to see the movie "Just Go With It" with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. It was cute.

The rest of this week is going to be busy. Tomorrow night, DH is going to a minor league hockey game, Wednesday I'm going to Bunco and Saturday I'm going to participate in a 5k walk. Luckily I've got my prompt done for tomorrow's memoir post for The Red Dress Club, but I may not get any others done this week. We'll see!

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Karinya said...

Your line about being rigged made me laugh! THANK YOU! I'm following your giveaway spirit and will be announcing a new one on my blog tomorrow, too!

We've had just about every bug known to mankind work its way through our house this week (colds, stomach flu, ... others) so any laundry products will be put to good use!


-Karinya @ Unlikely Origins

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