Friday, August 16, 2013


What? I don't look old enough to have attended my 20th high school class reunion last weekend? Aw, thanks! So sweet of you to say. Actually, I usually don't think I look my age, or act it, for that matter. Or feel it. Time is weird.

The reunion was fun! Facebook makes it so much different than our 10 year. At that one, I hadn't heard from most of my classmates since graduation. It's a little awkward to catch up - you have no reference point, no start. But I'm friends on FB with quite a few fellow grads who I wasn't close with in school, but we've bonded over sleepless nights from uncooperative kids and acquaintances we have in common. So it felt a little warmer, a little less like strangers.

And I still say the most fun is seeing kids I went to school with from kindergarten up. You're familiar with their siblings and parents, and as one guy said, have known them for almost 35 years. Crazy! For everyone else, though, I had a much harder time remembering names or even recognizing names as being people from our class. But then stories would come up, and others were mentioned and some of the holes were filled in. Glad I was able to attend and thankful for the team who organized it.
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