Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pregnancy Update

Well, they did tell me I could drop my testing down to three times a day - hallelujah! And the one plus to having the diabetes, as my OB said, is that I'm already on my post-pregnancy diet. It's turned out to be working all ready. I've only gained 7lbs, and I only have 6.5 weeks left. Granted, I'll probably gain a pound a week now like I'm supposed to, but that's still a small total. Trying to focus on the positive!

The other nice thing is that I have to get a sonogram every week. It's such a relief to see our little guy's organs pumping away each time.  He doesn't move very much compared to the girls, and because of where he's positioned, I can't always feel his movements. He's especially still in the morning, so it's comforting to have the visual confirmation.

Other than that, just really struggling with my hips and back hurting. I've scheduled a massage for Sunday, so praying that does a world of good. Especially since school starts for S on Monday - eek! First grade! Will try to post more often. Definitely need to do one soon about S's 6th bday party!
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